Poems of Thobile Maso

I Am The Educator

a poem by Thobile Maso©2002 Thobile Maso


Coming from school of education in action
Education of experience and mind
Education of empowerment and militancy
Raising the conscious of worker defender

I am the educator - the Razor

Rising from workplace exposure
Boostering in the heat of worker combat
I am what am I

The Razor - the Blade

Education that full fills its purpose
Thinking logically and scientifically
to save humanity from the morass of capitalist propaganda
Separating reality from unreal
I am the blade, that opens the veins of critical reflection
Cutting the bosom of the workplace brutality

I am the educator - the Agitator
I learn the lessons of human living
I practise the ways and means of social being
Sifting, weighing the facts from fiction
Following, the flow of motion in the process

I am the evil exposer
I am the problem poser
I am the silence opener

The Razor, the Blade, The Agitator
I am the educator of special type
Decoding the codes of human demands

I am the worker educator

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