Poems of Thobile Maso

Deepening The Crisis

A poem by Thobile Maso©Tobile Maso 2008

We have no crisis to protect, but war to fight
Sorry! We are not capitalist gate keepers
We’ve been fasting too long, and so much
Excuses of delays, not any more
Are we all in this, for the same reasons?

Malibe linye qha!

We have no mercy with capitalism!
Either slavery or decent life
Qualitative compromise is equal to death
We refuse to be pigs sacrificing life for sausages
Many indeed, are best in need
Yes! If it comes to a push!
Better few, but better

Sohlala siza kuyi nyova!

Elevations of evil, is devil divined
Prettifying dinosaur, to artificialise its life
Immortalisation of emotions, with hearts more than heads
Woooh! That’s enough!

Noba bangakhala!
We deepen the crisis

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