Poems of Thobile Maso

Dynamics of the Road

A poem by Thobile Maso©2002 Thobile Maso

The road to humanity is full of wolves and hyenas
Laughing dogs with sharp canines
Media of gossip with cold news
Money has no loyalty color
Application of unusual dance in global arena
Cha – cha – cha – zigzag salami tactics

The journey has begun

Weeds and seeds in a democratic soil
Dual existence of unique being in hostile soul
Period of storm and stress stepping on toes
Soon or later one way or another
Hold on the part of our being is drifting away

Sharp curves, detours, different compasses

Different faces but essence is the same
The car heading direction the driver wants not
Taming and domestication of the tiger
Life of selling our beings to the octopus
New human is struggle to be born

Many crosses one intersection

Many ideas to the few setting no masses in motion
While walking, others flying, paddling along
Moral and physical destruction leaving capable behind
Hercules has snatched the others from mother earth

These are dynamics of the road!

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