Poems of Thobile Maso

Financial war

A poem by Thobile Maso©Tobile Maso

This is the crux of the entire question upon us all
Why engaged in a hand-to-mouth endeavour to adapt
Are we ready! Really, really ready!
To look facts in the face and put our affairs in order
Why we talk peace in a war and not war to make peace
Do we not have adequate machinery at hand?
To deal with the great complications ahead of us
Is it so difficult to increase provisions of home-grown food for the nation
Capitalist financial crisis has been in ICU
Don’t see the whole country is completely overmastered by the privately owned
Why not cushion blows through Nationalisation or Socialisation
Is not appropriate to communalise all the means of creating and distributing wealth
Is rapidness so dangerous than procrastination
Why almost as far off as ever what we championed for generations
Of course, some of us are shareholders and debenture-holders
We are victims and volunteers of monopoly game plays
Why rights of property be upheld against the interests of the entire community
What a system! What a crime!
Experience is the best teacher but the school fees are very heavy
We are suffocated by ideas of individual interests as opposed to collective advantage
We can’t mend it! We must end it!
This is a financial – economic war
Fight it!!

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