Poems of Thobile Maso

A Gravy Train

a poem by Thobile Maso©2003 Thobile Maso

Where are the people, the gravy is oozing
Poverty fangs in demoralized spiritual fulfillment
While others now and then drown in gravy train
Baphin’abantu – Where are the people?

Yi – gravy Sbali – Yiyo! yi – gravy

Leaders who have neither passion nor direction
Have lost love and collective power of purpose
Bureaucracy corrupts young lions absolutely
Madiba nawe Zizi, intervention is now, or else

Bayanyathelana ngenxa ye – gravy Sbali

Even those in "doti" municipalities are diving, rushing in
Catching the last carriage forgetting peoples’ mandates
Nzimande nawe Vavi, wafa umphakathi baphel’abantu
United we stand together with leaders and masses
Struggle against privatized gravy train
No gravy for one! No gravy for all!

Leaders are few gravy grabbers are many
They despised the struggle for freedom
Dosing in their offices dreaming about gravy
Begging people to elect them wanting to test gravy

Hayi! Yi gravy Sbali nyani

Oh! Women and Men this gravy train derails our freedom
Conceiving rather than transferring the power
Full of descriptions on less analytical sense
The country of powerful, powerless, wealth and poor
What a confusion, yi – gravy Sbali

A gravy to one! Is a gravy to all!
An injury to one! Is an injury to all!

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