Poems of Thobile Maso

I Am The Nightmare

A poem by Thobile Maso©2002 Thobile Maso

Your boss can tell you about hope and faith
Even if you can increase the volume of your production
I will sink you to a most miserable commodity
Remember, I am the property owner, you have nothing

I’m Yours Truly, Capitalism!

I am the nerve of the world, they all live in agony
Yours is to produce my wealth and your own misery in the process
You may think you create your life and your world
I will make sure the world stands over and against you
You become the world object and belong less to yourself

As long I’m still alive!

The more you produce for me, the lesser you consume
The more value creation of your hands and brain, the worthless you become
I have degraded you to the level of machine
Yes! I transform your lifetime into work time
I also drag your children beneath my heavy wheels of capital

Divorcing me is a bitter struggle!

You dare! To end our marriage, I will fight you to bitter end
Your unpaid labour is my source of profit and power
My surplus value is my soul life sustenance
I will haunt you every hour of your work life
Bushy and Blairy are loyal servants of my house

I am the nightmare for generations to come!

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