Poems of Thobile Maso

Never Again

a poem by Thobile Maso©2002 Thobile Maso

By Thobile Maso
How happy we are because of - Nelson Mandela

- Oliver Tambo

- Walter Sisulu

- Joe Slovo

- Chris Hani

Jabulani nonke - how happy we are

We come this far - we did and died as natured people
We come this far - we laughed and lived as living
Horrors of horrible masters
Darkness without dawn

We carried on - because of devotion and passion

- because the mission is grand

yet not accomplished

- because there's no motion
without matter

Kunga qhuma kubasiwe, no smoke without fire
We carried on, we carried on
How humiliated we were because of - Malan

- Verwoed

- Forster

- PW Botha

- FW Deklerk

Never again - Humanity dehumanised
- Humanity disappeared without trace
- Humanity hanged in the name of law and order
- Humanity buried in secret shallow grave
- Human flesh cut in pieces and thrown in the river
- Humanity burst asunder by parcel bomb

Never again
We come this far, Re - affirm
never again, never again

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