Poems of Thobile Maso


A poem by Thobile Maso©Tobile Maso

Ngu Vimba Wobani Lo

My love, my wisdom
My needs, my interests
My life, my happiness
From the basis of my partisan character

ngu vimba wobani lo?

Many are drowned in the sea of jobless
Many are drowned in the sea of poverty
Many are drowned in the sea of homeless
Many are drowned in the sea of misery

Whose surplus is this?

Few are swimming in the pool of milk and honey
Few are dying because they eat too much
Few are in restoration of capitalist order
They have arrived in Canaan

Here! Are they! Standing on station platform
Waiting for capitalist gravy train

Open the doors of development
Bring the knowledge closer to the people
Open the doors of employment
Bring health service closer to the people

Now is the time -
Wake up! no more sleeping now
Stand up! time is going
Unite! Unity in action is best weapon you have

Ngu vimba wobani lo?
Whose surplus is this?

Reason I wrote this poem:
Our living is an integral part of the whole social being. As long people are not free in the sense of the word, our love, wisdom, our needs and interests, life and happiness will always yearning humanity not the surplus value

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