Poems of Thobile Maso

Our Daily Sharks

A poem by Thobile Maso©2009 Tobile Maso

They are smiling and dangerous, beware of money hunters
They are like sharks in the sea, if you do not know them
They are cunningly disguised as Dolphins and penguin
Society is surrounded by these mashonisas
Where oomashonisa took your ID and a card to withdraw in ATMs
Worker’s life has been cheapened and devastated by these sharks
Oomashonisa abana nceba!! They have no mercy!!
When financial hard times hit you rock bottom
They brutally tear your financial life into tatters
They first called you a good customer
Hospitals are like five star hotels where medical aids are milked out
Furnisher shops offer you an account without deposit but with higher purchase
Even Uncle Joshua has no mercy towards his Nieces and Nephews
These sharks' banks loaning you with huge interests
Shark Retailers on other side are illegally and secretly increase food prizes
Now, sharks after they finished you to the bone morrow
They pumped you with threatening bills
When you are financial disorder!!
They called you bad payer, irresponsible and untruth worthy
The shark lawyers will threaten you with court letters
First will start with garnish orders, to see if there’s some thing left
Sheriffs will repossess your furniture and house goes to auction
Of course your good name will be sent into ICU
Called Credit Bureau

'The whole world will know about your deeds'

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