Poems of Thobile Maso

The Historical Mission

a poem by Thobile Maso©2002 Thobile Maso

Wake up -

The point of arrival is the point of departure
The first victory is the revolutionary trial
The state machinery is refusing to obey
Who is directing whom

Wake up - You have a mission
Are you in power or You are the power

Are you high jacked or straight jacked
Are you an actor of your destiny or a spectator
Are you ready to take forward the journey
Wake up - You have a mission

Confusion in the capitalist world - The Saints are the Sinners
The Devil is divined

Swimming in the deep sea of poverty and pain
The umbilical cord of capitalism is invisible
Hidden below the belly of the beast
The mission is grand and the end is yours
You are the motivating force of the mass desires and aspirations

Wake up - You have a mission

The ice has been broken
The road is open
The way has been shown
The TINA against the TIRA
There is a revolutionary alternative

Wake up - You! wake up - You have a mission

Unless you want to be, what they want you to be




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