Poems of Thobile Maso

Words of Wisdom

A poem by Thobile Maso©2004 Thobile Maso

Always sift and weigh the evidence
Perceive clearly truth from false
Reality from unreal, fact from fiction
Think intensively and think critically
Intelligence plus character is a goal of true education

Let me disturb you once more!

When reactionaries plot, progressive minded people must plan
When counter revolutionaries burn and bomb, revolutionaries build and bind
No tree can grow without seed, like a house without foundation
Pace, breadth and the degree of change are struggle on its own

The fragile flower refuses to grow!

Where people agree on aims, squabble over methods
Where they agree on aims and methods, squabble over personalities
We cannot allow being pawns in the hands of artificially strong
Our strength must set the tone we are the hope of humanity

They say, “Little people shut up”!

They tell us what our aims are
If they choose to fight we get trampled
If the tell us to fight, we trample on each other
Political equality does not of itself guarantee freedom
But the absence of political equality guarantees a mess

Never shut up until!

You have power of chasing away poverty
You have means of your life material existence
You have freedom, peace and bread
You have power of your own creation and control

I may be wrong, but I doubt very much

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