Poems of Thobile Maso

The Working Class

A poem by Thobile Maso©Tobile Maso

The class that endures untrustworthy leaders
Leaders who contradict words and deeds
Leaders who fool workers and the poor
Leaders who raise high slogans of freedom
But denouncing the struggle for freedom
Denouncing driving force weapons of revolution
I - Working Class! Si Sisulu se – class!!
Looking back into the past and testing the present
Philistine and corrupt leaders stampeding for power
Who say one thing and do another
Who claim to represent the cause of the working class
I - Working Class! Si Sisulu se – class!!
These Leaders!!
Their words are full of fat fictions without facts
They believe that they are everything and the people are nothing
They are irreconcilable enemies of the masses too
They have no vigilant eyes to discover and correct mistakes
I - Working Class! Si Sisulu se – class!!
These leaders are afflicted by disease
Sometimes they disregarding and fear the masses
They diminish conscious strength belief of the masses
They take themselves as liberators and messiahs
Leaders!! Tell the people!!
What road are you supporting and defending
Is it Socialist or Capitalist Road?

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