Union Songs

Single By Choice

A song by David G. Hurlburt©David G. Hurlburt 2002

Where applicants with family members need not apply

I asked my boss for a day off, because my child was sick.
I said make it a sick day, vacation, or PDO you can pick.
She said hire a nurse or get some one else to stay!
Come to work right now or you will get no pay!

I weighed the choice she gave me, it was oh so very clear,
My darling baby daughter needed her mother to be near.
So I stayed home after we went to see the Doc
Loosing one days pay would only put me in hock.

To my surprise, on my return she was now going to write me up!
I was now to be on attendance control and better not screw up.
The next absence, a suspension and a couple of days without pay
For taking care of my baby daughter this is just not fair I say.

There ought to be a law to stop policies like that!
I went to see the union and to have a little chat!
I found out there is a law it's labor code 2 3 3
It says I get sick days to care for my family.

There is another labor code a new law section 2 3 4
They can't count family absences to toss you out the door.
The state says they cannot do this; it is a violation of the law.
We'll appeal, they scream, as they are running down the hall.

No, No, says the Boss our sick leave is only just for you.
We won't pay you and you can't use your vacation too.
You better be here every day; we have work for you to do.
Or with our attendance control we'll just get rid of you.

The ideal employee is one who is Single By Choice.
Company employees should sing in one single voice.
We did not hire your Family not mom, dad, husband or wife.
No Family commitments! Now that's for all your working life.

Single By Choice Company, No family members need apply.
You must be here each and every day until you retire or die!
If you die before you retire, of your pension we will only give your family half.
And charge them for the health care benefits because they're not on our staff!


Many thanks to David G. Hurlburt for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection. David is CWA Steward Local 9410

This song was written in 2002 and revised in 2007

Read more about David at


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