Union Songs

A Tour De Farce

A Poem by Phyl Lobl©Phyl Lobl 2007

I’d like to see the Barrier Reef and Lake Eyre in full flood,
I’d like to see the Back O' Bourke and so would Mr Rudd.

The Back O' Burke is pretty big, the mud there black and thick,
And when its thrown at anyone, be sure such mud could stick.

Mud that oozes, you cannot grab it, once its oiled and stirred by Abbott
And fired off by that other fellow, what's his name? Oh yes, Costello.

Abbott and Costello, pit bulls with poison feelers
No need to call the other dogs the Peter Reith Rottweilers.

These two chew reputations beyond all recognition
They’ll have their fun, score grubby points, 'gainst those in opposition.

'Tell the truth' says Honest John, putting Kevin on the spot
But could Johnny recognise the truth ? On evidence ...... could not.

Back to Burke, it seems to me Burke has more front than back,
With dead-ends, side-tracks, fashion flaws but friends he doesn't lack.

Yes the Wild West is truly named, poor Rudd's been burnt & how,
He's no longer bright and shiny, but ..... he seems more normal now.


Many thanks to Phyl Lobl for permission to add this poem to the Union Songs collection.

Find more of Phyl's work here: Phyl Lobl

Australian politics is the subject here (March 2007) in an election year:
Burke is Brian Burke id disgraced former premier of Western Australia
Abbott is Tony Abbott a minister in the Howard government
Costello is Peter Costello treasure in the Howard government
Peter Reith, disgraced former minister in the Howard government
Honest John, known to some of his colleagues as 'The Lying Rodent', is prime minister John Howard
Rudd is Kevin Rudd the Labor leader and contestant for prime minister in the 2007 election

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