Union Songs

The Lawson Hall Song – the history of a hall

A Poem by Erst Carmichael©Erst Carmichael 2008
Music by Denis Rice©Denis Rice 2008

- [play]

A building on the highway at Lawson
A fine Mechanics Institute I am told
Served as the first Council Chambers
But to townsfolk is known as the Hall

It was built by the people in 1903
Carrying bricks from the old railway station
Used as a library, for dancing and cinema
A valuable cultural creation

Many have memories from experiences there
It was a central focus of the town
But now the local Council in its infinite wisdom
Wants to knock this building down

People all over the Blue Mountains
Who live here or visit overnight
Are working to save the Mechanics Institute
Because it is a heritage site

If you could hear the voices of a choir there
Its acoustics are known far and wide
Concerts, events and plays you’d enjoy
If only you could get inside!

So join the citizens of Blue Mountains
Celebrate this wonderful old Hall
Join in our fight to save it
For the future, once and for all.


Many thanks to Erst Carmichael and Denis Rice for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

Lawson is one of the oldest towns in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. The 105 year old Lawson Hall is under threat of demolition because of a road road widening plan. More information is available from http://www.saveourhall.blogspot.com/

lawson hall

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