Union Songs

Sarah's Hard Rock Candy

words, melody Peggy Seeger©Peggy Seeger 2008
administered by Harmony Music Ltd.

- [play]

Johnny needs a running mate
His campaign is failin'
Let's get someone no one's heard of
Hello Sarah Palin

John's a weary weather vane
Sarah's hard rock candy
If they win they'll stop the clock
Keep your passport handy

Now Washington's a stormy sea
The hope for Sarah Palin
Johny's ship is full of cracks
Sarah's boat needs bailin'

Global warming, evolution
Human rights and all
On every issue on the table
Sarah's off the wall

Suppose they win and then oh oh
His heart comes to a stop
Then presto, bingo, "what do you know?"
Sarah's at the very top

In the Hard Rock Candy Mountains
You always watch your stocks
And streams of campaign double talk
Are bubbling down the rocks

Now if you wanted Hilary
How could you vote for Palin
Either you have changed your mind
Or else your mind is failin'

She lives with guns, runs with hogs
Loves a corporation
All of them will be involved
If Sarah runs the nation

Goodbye Sarah, goodbye John
And all the media drama
Time to move our country on
Vote Barack Obama
Time to move our country on
Vote Barack Obama


Many thanks to Peggy Seeger for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

Visit Peggy's websites at www.pegseeger.com & www.myspace.com/peggyseeger

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