Union Songs

Brand New Day

A Song by Christine Wheeler©2000 Christine Wheeler

Some people in my neighbourhood
Afraid of what they don't understand
Most of all about reconciliation
First people of this land
We stole their land and their freedom
Took their children away
I'm ashamed and I say why is sorry
Such a hard word to say?

Working a brand new story
Like a dawn wind bringing the day
Working a brand new story
Working to bring a brand new day

There's a woman who lives up the road
Was taken from her parents as a child
She's Koori, didn't know what it meant
Didn't know who she was inside
This was our government policy
Until I was seventeen
She weeps for the mother father sisters
Brothers she's never seen

There are others in my neighbourhood
Who walked across the bridge and we say
Side by side now we are walking
Making good the promise of a new day
We can look the past in the eye now
Greet the future with a smile
Share our stories, watch our children play together
Come on and join us now.

Chorus x2


Many thanks to Christine Wheeler for permision to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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