Union Songs

They're keeping a file on me

A Song by Mithra Cox©Mithra Cox 2009

- [play]

I'm pulling on my big floppy shoes
I'm zipping up my latex fat suit
I'm dressed as a clown but they're writing it all down
They're keeping a file on me

They're keeping a file on me
They're keeping it meticulously
What I said and who I met they'll make sure they don't forget
They're keeping a file on me

We're reaching consensus tonight
Democracy's not black and white
We'll be here til three but we'll get there peacefully
But it's being recorded for my asio file

We're dancing in the alley til dawn
Cause the party was long since shut down
But they're starting to get hostile and your joyful brimming smile
Is on a photo your asio file


My file’s a long litany
Of peace, love and harmony
I never realised that being fair and just and kind
Was considered living dangerously


Many thanks to Mithra Cox and The Lurkers for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

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