Union Songs

Dave McCullough: Final shift

A poem by Neil Pitt©Neil Pitt 2010

Dave's number has come up on the roster
And it's time for him to join his mates
He's assured of a very warm welcome,
When he clocks on at the pearly gates

His old gang will be there in attendance,
He'll be welcomed without a doubt
And just maybe to mark the occasion
As an old panno may wish to shout

Now that could create a disturbance
And a delegate will have to attend
There'll be a show of union tickets
But all should be right in the end.

So many of us will certainly miss him,
But all must answer their call
And to know he's now resting peacefully,
Should be a comfort to us all


I found this on the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) website at http://www.mua.org.au/news/vale-comrade-5/