Union Songs

What Did Daddy Do?

A Song by Ed Pickford©Ed Pickford mcps/prs 2010

What did my daddy do?
What did daddy do?
Why did the big policeman beat him black and blue?
He said dad's a bad man
I know that’s not true
Mammy, tell me what did daddy do?

When we were a family – we used to have some fun
Now I never see my dad he's in the air and sun
Standing on the picket line and sings a picket song
I just can’t work out what he’s doing wrong

Heard some feet run down our street and right up to our door
Copper caught my daddy and he kicked him to the floor
Hit him with his wooden stick for lots and lots of times
My daddy would be safer down the mines

Every day I go to school I see the dogs of war
Every day I'm learning more and more about the law
Wish we had the food they've got – I wish we had their pay
They don’t talk like us – wish they'd go away


Many thanks to Ed Picford for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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