Union Songs


A song by The Shop Steward©2010 Darren Whitaker

- [play]

Well the papers call them miners. But they don't look like miners to me.
Miners work their shifts in the noise and dust and heat.
But whatever these blokes do. However they spend their time.
I bet you pounds to pennies it aint working down a mine.

They made a killing in the boom years. And still made millions come the bust.
While infrastructure crumbles and steel towns turn to rust.
And while millions across this nation reach out a hand in need,
The mine owners turn their backs, to pursue their quest in greed.

They talk of an investment strike and pulling their money out of the mines.
But when workers stand for their basic rights they're bullied and jailed and fined.
And yet they ransom our government if they dare tax the ore.
I guess it's one law for the wealthy and another law for the poor.

So reserve the name of miner for those who work and sweat.
For those who control the money there are other names yet.
Capitalist or businessman or mine owner if you like.
And if it's not too harsh, I'd suggest parasite.

Many thanks to the The Shop Steward (Darren Whitaker) for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

He writes:

'One opinionated Fitter and Turner and trade unionist turned bard. I've been a singer song writer for 20 years, but are now taking it more seriously. Inspiration to pick up a twanger and arm myself for the good fight has come from the most unlikely of sources. I saw a doco on Nazi hate music last year. The fascist, British Nationalist Party, has discovered the power of music and has been putting together a CD to give away outside schools. Nazi bastard and leader of that outfit, Nick Griffon said, (and I paraphrase,) People will only listen to a speech once, but they will listen to a song over and over again. If I had of heard this from a left wing folkie, I would of just nodded and thought, how true. But because it came from that bastard it was like a gauntlet smacking me in the face. I'm not really interested in "making it" in the industry. My interest is powerful song writing with strong imagery that can provoke an emotional reaction. Socialist politics is at the core of what I do. That doesn't have to be soap boxing over a chord progression. Singing about the little details of working class life sits Just as well with me as the big themes. I’m available for benefit gigs, picket lines, rallies etc.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/theshopsteward#ixzz0vpDn7zfj'

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