Union Songs

Song for Julia

A song by John Dengate©John Dengate 2010
Tune: Fiddlers’ Green

Australlia's PMs, they have always been males
But Julia Gillard, the woman from Wales.
Took over from Rudd and you cannot deny.
There's a spring in her step and a glint in her eye.

Oh, the blood of the fearsome Welsh bowmen
Is running in Julia's veins;
As forward she marches
Forget not those archers –
The memory of Agincourt always remains.

The Welsh bowmen fired and their arrows, in flights.
Cut down in hundreds the French armoured knights.
Six hundred years ago history records,
The longbow prevailed over chivalry's swords.

The feudal French knights 'neath the sharp arrows fell….
Those tough, peasant archers, they did their work well;
Pride, wealth and privilege lay in the mud…
And the blood of those bowmen is Julia's blood!


Many thanks to John Dengate for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

John writes:
'As was the case at Crecy and Poitiers, the heavily-armoured French knights, the pride of the feudal system, were savagely defeated by the English of the Battle of Agincourt, in 1415. The English army relied heavily on peasant long bowmen…mainly Welsh…for their victories.'

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