Union Songs

Recession Song

A song by John Dengate©John Dengate 2009
Tune: Bread of Heaven

Goodness me, we now are in recession,
All our hopes of wealth are gone.
Though we pray for saintly intercession,
Heaven just feels put upon.

Pass the Coopers…all our super's
Gone into a deep black hole –
Line up quietly to collect the dole.

No complaints! You've had it good for ages;
No-one loves a whinger, mate!
If you'd saved three quarters of your wages,
You'd have banquets upon your plate.

Don't say 'suicide'; seek a truer guide,
Soon the good times will return –
We'll have credit card and cash to burn!

Eat cheap meat…there's protein in that gristle…
Dog food's good…you buy it canned.
Cop it sweet… hum happy tunes and whistle…
Buy your trousers second hand.

Soup's sustaining…no complaining!
Be obsequious and smile;
Wait obediently in single file.
Stop that grumbling! Hunger's humbling
We"ve survived bad times before –
What we really need's a good, long war.


Many thanks to John Dengate for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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