Union Songs

The Lithgow State Mine

A Song by Lyn Doherty©Lyn Doherty 2011
lyrics: Lyn Doherty music: Martin Doherty

I was born a State Mine horse,
Destined to join the departmental force,
270 feet below Mother Earth,
Was the place of my birth,
A strong sturdy foal,
With a hide as black as coal.
I hear the call of my mate, Ned Curry,
No finer Wheeler at my head,
Three hundred weight of coal in tow,
"Get up Duke!"
Shoulders forward and brace,
Along the road, a mile below.

Keep the pit horse bowlin',
Who keeps the skip-wheels rollin',
From the coal face and along the flat,
To the endless rope and back,
Together we’ll serve our time,
Way down in the Lithgow State Mine.

On May Day how proudly we marched,
To the State Mine band in full regalia,
With our brasses polished and collars starched.
Power to the miners, let us all unite,
Beneath the banner bright.
I can slip my tracers for a lark,
And hide away in the dark,
There isn't a crib tin I can't open,
I'm 12 hands in height - I'm not polite,
I can count the clicks in a rake
of skips behind me.


At Christmas time we have
a well-earned spell,
In the lush green fields of Bowenfels,
Locals cheer and wave along McCauley St,
We feel the breeze, And see the trees,
We'll be free for three long weeks.


In 1964 the colliery closed down,
It bought tears to the people
of Lithgow town,
But now we have Fred Owen
and the gallant volunteers,
They're the keepers of the flame,
For those who gave their souls,
For the sake of the coal.

Chorus x2


Many thanks to Martin Doherty for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

This song is on the Martin Doherty and Leigh Birkett CD Liberty Junction

Visit Martin's website at http://martindoherty.com.au/

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