Union Songs

Corporate Anorexia

A song by Kevin Robins and Kathy Tytler©2011 Robins/Tyler
Based on a poem by Kathy Tytler

- [play]

We are going through restructuring - we need to modernize
Review our core activities, be needing to downsize
To be leaner, fitter - they'll cut a way the fat
On their cooperate regime - to head their business pack

They'll count all employees - convert to FTE's (Full Time Equivalents)
Reducing our headcount - due to fat cat greed
To be leaner, fitter - they'll cut unto the bone
On their corporate regime - their figures to hone

Corporate anorexia - the sickness of this land
Slimming down investment so that profit can expand
Get ready, be ready - this is their future plan
They'll be coming for you - unless we make a stand

Work harder, smarter - observe best practice too
But they only look for value - so they won't need you, you,
We'll be leaner, fitter - we'll feel it in our guts
Vital parts will suffer - when there's nothing - nothing more to cut


Surrounded by their yes-men - Who never show their face
Exposed and unprotected - in the market place
We'll be leaner, fitter - won't carry excess weight
With Corporate Anorexia - they cannot see, cannot see their fate

Chorus X 2


Many thanks to Kevin Robins and Kathy Tytler for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

Kevin Robins is a singer/songwriter/activist now based in Plymouth (UK) . Kathy Tytler is poet/activist based in Reading (UK)
EP is due for release in November 2011.
Video on Youtube : Youtubeat http://youtu.be/Bdyk1IZGhfQ
Contact Kevin: ks.robins@virgin.net

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