Union Songs


A song by Maddy Carty©2011 Maddy Carty

- [play]

Mistakes so unintentional
And not inconsequential
We've chosen the wrong way you see
Now everybody sits and moans
as the ordinary lose their homes
And no one understands how this could be

It seems they're firing from all sides
When even education has its price
Why take from the rich
When you could steal from the poor
They'll never know what it was like to have more

So everybody's been condemned
Except those able to spend
The poor can stay poor, their philosophy
Some must lose for all to gain
But we don't see no rich man pain
In counting up his dirty money

It's like you're living in a cage
Working ninety hours at minimum wage
Just to have it all taxed
And you get nothing back
Solely normal in this CONDEMn AGE

So prices rise while people fall
But you don't care nothing at all
As long as you've the right photography
So you'll look nice and handsome while
The youngsters paid a ransom for
The fact that you've raised the tuition fees

All these men that love their cash more than their wives
Send them abroad so you can live the high life
But what can we say
Somebody voted this way
It's always easy to be wise in hindsight

So you can take our libraries
Our youth service is not for free
Nothing's safe and nothing's sacred see
We'll take the cuts we'll take them all
And wait for this regime to fall
But we can't do it quietly

We'll march and shout and we'll protest
Maybe to no avail, maybe to no avail
But we gotta do something
Can't sit around doing nothing
And complain about this CONDEMn AGE
Aint it insane about this CONDEMn AGE
Such a shame this CONDEMned AGE


Many thanks to Maddy Carty for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

Visit Maddy's website at http://www.myspace.com/maddycartymusic/

Video on Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boHgxtTU020

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