Union Songs

Whistleblower We Need You

A Song by Ed Pickford©Ed Pickford mcps/prs 2012

- [play]

Ludlow tents to Peterloo
Tyrants do what tyrants do
Only thing that brings them low
Is when they hear that whistle blow

This is just a story old
Death & dust & lust for gold
With a hero brave & bold
Called 'The Whistleblower'
Whistleblowers have no choice
Conscience makes them raise their voice
When they speak I say, "Rejoice"
For the whistleblower

Whistleblowers stand before
Hounds from Hell & dogs of war
Trained to guard with tooth & claw
Secrets of the schemers
They impale the truth by thorn
Nail the hands of those who warn
Treat all sacrifice with scorn
Crush the hopes of dreamers

Whistleblowers - sing out loud!
Wake the whole damn sleeping crowd
Truth will grow in soil you've ploughed
Where truth is a stranger
When the darkest arts of power
Bite the stem that holds the flower
Freedom needs the seeds you shower
When its life's in danger

In a world controlled by knaves
Nothing's clear and fear enslaves
Freedom sinks below the waves
Almost without knowing
Whistleblowers we need you
Shake our chains to earth like dew
Speak for many ruled by few
Keep your whistle blowing

Big coal big oil big this big that
Workers toil and cats get fat
When a hero smells a rat
You'll hear that whistle blow


Many thanks to Ed Pickford for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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