Union Songs

A Lesson From The Felling

A Song by David Douglass©David Douglass

You'll of't times hear the story of how 'profits' they are made
Of those so blessed with business sense in their commerce and their trade
They venture forth their Capital
'A Risk' it has been called
It's they who dare, and not the folks whose wealth is being stored.

Nine, nine times nine,
Were lost that fateful day
At The Felling, At the John Pit
All had met their judgment day
There were granda's and fa'thers, young'uns there as well
From 70 years to just nine years, that town was blown to hell

The black gold of Tyneside which jeweled the rich folks crowns
Was won by bairns and strong young men and aud lads underground
Their life time and their labours
Their bones and blood and health
powered the wheels, that turned the world and give the rich their wealth.

When the mushroom cloud of coal and gas on Heworth it befell
All the pit lads and their women folk they knew that sign too well
From Jarra and from Gateshead they rushed in one great throng
To save the lads trapped doon belaw the Fellin's stricken town.

But the rich and famous Brandlings, they closed those breathing shafts
Which killed the flames and saved the seams so the coal was left intact
For the Fellin lads from nine years old trapped in that burning mine
Their fate was sealed by granite slabs so the profits might survive.

They were laid doon there at Heworth, The bits that could be found
A monument to the rich above from the poor that's underground
You'll see the wealth still shining on the rich folk everyday
On The Stock Exchange, and Merchant banks as they speculate the trade.

So when you hear that story, it's their wealth they lay down
Just think about those Felling bairns and the aud lads underground
Who made the wealth for the rich to seize then tell us it was brains
That was a lie in 1812 and a lie that still remains.

For the kids who live in Felling noo
There is no mine to see
No work in pits, or ships or steel for the young 'uns now te dey
But there is no sign of scarcity in wealth and guile and greed
And labour still is bent to serve their profits not our needs.


Many thanks to Dave Douglass for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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