Union Songs

A Swinish Multitude

Author not known©1791

FROM MERRY's ODE, For the 14th. of July, 1791. (Bastille Day)

HAVE kings and nobles rights alone?
Is this prolific globe their own?
And is the mingled mass beside,
Form'd as the creature of their pride?
Not, so, the dire deception o'er,
Mankind can now mankind adore;
Nor bauble crowns, nor regal toys,
Shall cheat them of their natural joys,
Nor shall they more, by artifice subdued,
Kiss the oppressor's rod, "A SWINISH MULTITUDE."

Have not the titled sons of earth,
Usurped prerogative of birth;
As though appropriate to descent,
Were high and noble sentiment?
What sentiments can noble be,
But those of truth and liberty?
And what can dignity dispense,
But justice and benevolence?
And are not these the common share,
Of all who breathe this vital air?
And has not kind impartial Heav'n,
To every rank an equal feeling given?
Virtue alone should vice subdue,
Nor are THE MANY baser than THE FEW.


PUBLISHED IN WEEKLY PENNY NUMBERS, Collected by the Poor Man's Advocate (an old Veteran in the Cause of Freedom) in the Course of his Reading for more than Twenty Years.

This is that matchless Pigs meat so famous far and near
Oppressors hearts it fills with Dread. But poor Mens hearts does cheer.

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