Union Songs

Troubador Mk6

A song for Pete Seeger

A Song by Jack Warshaw©2013 Jack Warshaw

- [play]

One day one day, a man come walkin' along
He played me a tune, taught me a song
He'd sing out high, he'd sing out low
He'd surround all hate with an old banjo

So here's to you, troubadour
Your song goes on forever more
Here's to you, troubadour
Your song goes on forever more

He rambled east, he rambled west
Along with Woody, he rambled best
Heard a nation sing as they rolled along
Gave us their songs, and we pass them on

He never cared for worldly goods
Just built him a cabin up in the woods
"The time is now, the place is here
To break away cruel chains of fear"


Bad laws decreed, "Such dreams offend
Swear your allegiance, sell out your friends."
"My honor, Sir is not for sale
I'd rather be locked up in jail"

Once we sang "We shall Overcome"
We thought we'd be forever young
But though the time has come and gone
Aboard Clearwater the ship sails on


I see him now in Washington
Calls out these lines to a million strong
We know Mr President that you agree
This Land belongs to you and me

That old banjo still rings so clear
Rings out his love for all to hear
So let us sing these last few lines
Lift up your voices- one more time


"Sometimes you find an old tune so good you can use it several times for different purposes"- pete


Many thanks to Jack Warshaw for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

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