Union Songs

Rupert The Puppeteer

(Tune:'Popo The Puppet') Words: Zoe A.Peal 2013

Rupert the puppeteer likes pulling strings,
Of political things, like Labor's Left Wings,
Rupert the puppeteer likes pulling strings,
So he can control all the swings, the swings, the swings, the swings
All the political swings.

Rupert the Kingmaker sits behind thrones,
And lets his drones, tap mobile-phones,
Rupert The Kingmaker sharpens up stones,
So he can collect Pollies' bones, their bones their bones, their bones
Along with their scalps he gets bones.

Rupert's a player in all the campaigns,
It is he who reigns,through newsprint domains,
Of his humanity little remains,
There's no blood just ink in his veins,his veins, his veins, his veins,
No blood just ink in his veins.

Rupert would privatise all of the schools,
He might have the tools,but teachers aren't fools,
I've known (so) many as stubborn as mules,
And they will not bend to his rules, his rules,his Nap-lan rules.
They will not bend to his rules.

Rupert has several kids or 'tin-lids',
So he needs millions and millions of quids,
But I reckon soon they could be on the skids,
If people take note, when they vote, they could, rock Ru-pert's boat,
if people take note when they vote.

Rupert thinks he is a son of Australia,
But in that direction he is now a failure,
The Stars and the Stripes have caused his 'derail-ure',
So now he's Yank, and a crank that I can't thank, can't thank.
A cranky Yank who I can't thank.

'This is a humble day' Rupert declared
He was quite clever with feelings he shared.
He didn't admit it was he who had erred,
The 'day' it was humble, not he, you see, how could that be,
He's Rupert of Print Royalty.


Media mogul Rupert Murdoch loves to pick winners in elections in Australia and elsewhere. In the 7 September election of 2013 he has chosen Tony Abbott to win and his newspapers have followed suit with a flood of anti Labour stories and free grooming of Abbott. Murdoch's knack of picking winners however has had a recent remarkable failure in the United States, where President Obama won despite Murdoch's best efforts to unseat him. Is the "Sun King" losing his touch?

Find out more about Murdoch's profitable intervention in public schools - such as the Naplan rule mentioned in verse 4 - Read This

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