Union Songs

Clive Palmer Song

Tune: Old Palmer Song

Clive Palmer he says loudly 'ideas never die'.
But I will show that statement is a mighty lie,
For I can name a few ideas that now are lacking lives,
And one of those I'm glad to say was the 'right to beating wives'.

It blows the mind heigh-ho Clive Palmer's joined the show,
And he has formed a voting band, so let the music play,
And if he makes the Lodge,he will be hard to dodge,
He's plain to see, even when he's a thousand miles away

People once believed that this old world was flat
But Aristotle came along and he put paid to that,
Yes he put paid to that and Galileo came to show,
That the earth went round the sun and his telescope proved so.

Another dead idea was that those who had black skin,
Were not as good as those who had a lack of mel-an-in.
Mr N. Mandela he fought and won that fight.
We know now that Ap-ar-thied, simply was not right.

Ideas they will grow and they will fall and die,
When all the people learn to think and don't believe a lie,
Let no-one preach a lie for just like you and me,
Ideas can languish and expire like leaves fall from a tree.

Extra Expandable Verses

So build your ship Titanic Clive although that has been done,
And your Tyranosaurus Rex will not scare anyone,
Why don't you use your money, it's something you don't lack,
Build swimming pools for all the schools in the far Outback?

If that's not to your taste and doesn't fit your plan,
Then fund a scientific lab to aid the life of man,
The life of a P.M. does not seem the place for you,
Your idea about ideas soon could land you in the Poo.

Yes Clive I think that you are far too good for that,
You might be big and over weight and some might call you fat,
But maybe there inside of you a heart of matching size,
Could do so much,so much more, than you realize.


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