Union Songs

Snoopers 2

A Song by Jack Warshaw©Jack Warshaw 2013
(Tune: Tennessee Gravy Train)

- [play]

They're the super snoopers and they keep us safe and free
Their mission, keeping tabs on the likes of you and me
They gather every word we speak and words we write as well
They maintain law and order and protect you from yourself

Chorus Oh, who's gonna snoop on the guy who snoops on the guy who snoops on you?
You can't hide your secrets, no matter what you do
Everyone's a suspect, you'll never have a clue
But who's gonna snoop on the guy who snoops on the guy who snoops on you?

The enemy is everywhere but you must never fear
It's such a clever system, so simple, cheap and clear
Just help themselves to everything of every shape and size
No human is required, just machines to analyse.


Last night I called my sweetheart, she lives just down the street
To say I love you baby, you make my life complete
But my darling didn't answer, just an eerie voice instead
And when I shouted "Who are you?"
This is what it said.


Well as through this world you wander you'll meet lots of funny guys
Some will rob you with a crooked smile, some with downright lies
Stand up for truth and justice, and be careful what you write
Cause if you don't you bet they've got your number day or night



Many thanks to Jack Warshaw for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

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