Union Songs

Union is Strength tracks

Freedom's On The Wallaby The Economic Rationalist
If It Weren't For The Union If Jesus Was A Christian
James Connolly La Lega Crescera
Rise Again Coal Tatoo
From Barcaldine to Weipa My Life She Go This Way
How About You The Shipyard Apprentice
The Apprentice Song The Swaggies Have All Waltzed Matida Away
The Green Ban Fusiliers Hold That Line

From the Cover notes

This album is a product of numerous musicians and assistants who have volunteered their services to mark the historic action taken against RTZ CRA by 75 unionists at Weipa Qld, on 13/10/95. As in many other industrial disputes which have taken place over the years it is through music and folk lore that these struggles for collective rights sometimes against enormous odds, will never be forgotten.

To quote Joe Hill of the IWW, "a pamphlet is never read more than once, but a song is learnt by heart and repeated over and over".

The CFMEU Mining Division is proud to be associated with the production of this collection of working class songs, dedicated to the members of the Weipa Branch of our union. The workers at Weipa fought a battle over the right of workers to belong to a union. It was an historic dispute which truly can be compared to the struggle which took place at the birth of unionism in this country and is an inspiration to us all.

This collection of songs draws from the strength of working class culture, both past and present. It shows that, historically, working people like those at Weipa have always found that in union there is strength

John Maitland
General President
CFMEU Miners Division

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