Union Songs

Song Books, Magazines, Sources

1900 Socialist Songs, ed. Charles H. Kerr
1905 Old Bush Songs, A.B. Paterson (7th edition 1932)
1917 Righting the People's Wrongs, Benjamin Orange Flower
1918 Ragged Verse by Anise, (Anna Louise Strong)
1930 The Hungry Mile and other Poems, Ernest Antony
1945 Corn on the Cob, A.L.Lloyd
1946 Blood on the Coal, Jock Graham
1947 Rebel Songs, Edgar Waters & Stephen Murray-Smith
1947 The People's Song Book, Ed. Waldemar Hille
1948 Sharpen The Sickle, Reg Groves
1950 - SingOut! Magazine
1951 The Rebels Ceilidh Song Book, Bo’ness Rebels Literary Society 
1952 For Peace and Friendship, Bartlett Adamson
1952 Come All Ye Bold Miners, A.L.Lloyd
1953 Freedom on the Wallaby, Marjorie Pizer
1953 Rebel Songs, Roger Coates
1954 Reedy River Songbook, New Theatre
1954 Shuttle and Cage, Ewan MacColl
1955 Australian Bush Ballads, Douglas Stewart & Nancy Keesing
1956 - 67 Singabout Magazine, Bush Music Club
1956 An Anthology of Chartist Literature, J.W.Kovalyov
1957 Old Bush Songs, Douglas Stewart & Nancy Keesing
1957 The Hungry Mile, Tom Nelson
1958 The Australian Legend, Russel Ward
1959 Time Means Tucker, Duke Tritton
1960 Songs of Work and Freedom, Edith Fowke and Joe Glazer
1961 Songs For the Sixties, Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl
1962 E.Y.L. Songbook, Eureka Youth League
1962 Irish Songs of Resistance, Patrick Galvin
1963 Socialist Songs, Victorian Fabian Society
1963 What About the People, Dorothy Hewett and Merv Lilley
1964 - 74 Australian Tradition Magazine, ed. Wendy Lowenstein
1964 Penguin Australian Songbook, John Manifold
1964 Who Wrote The Ballads, John Manifold
1964 Songs of our Times, Sydney University Folk Music Society
1965 The Common Muse, ed. V. Sola Pinto and A.E.Rodway
1966 - 70 Northern Folk /National Folk Magazine, ed. Ron Edwards
1967 Folksongs of Australia, John Meredith & Hugh Anderson
1967 Folk Song in England, A.L.Lloyd
1967 Songs of Irish Rebellion, Georges-Denis Zimmermann
1967 Hard Hitting Songs for Hard-Hit People, Alan Lomax, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger
1967 New English Broadsides, Nathan Joseph and Eric Winter
1968 Singabout Songster, Bush Music Club
1968 25 Scottish Rebel Songs, Jim McLean
1968 People Politics and Pop, Craig McGregor
1969 Folklore of the Australian Railwaymen, Patsy Adam-Smith
1970 i can sing, Don Henderson
1970 Songs from a Seat in the Carriage, Glen Tomasetti
1970 Penguin Book of Socialist Verse, Alan Bold
1971 Joy Durst Memorial Australian Song Collection, Victorian Folk Music Club
1971 Whale Chasing Men, Harry Robertson
1971 American Folksongs of Protest, John Greenway
1971 British and American Songs, Cyril Pustan
1972 Australian Folksongs, Ron Edwards
1972 A Century of a Union, Tom Nelson
1973 Folksinger's Wordbook, Fred and Irwin Silber
1973 Pit Talk in County Durham, Dave Douglass
1973 The Painful Plough, Roy Palmer
1973 Pit Talk in County Durham, Dave Douglass
1974 Time Out of Mind: Simon McDonald of Creswick, Hugh Anderson
1974 One Hundred Songs of Toil, ed. Karl Dallas
1974 Poverty Knock, Roy Palmer
1974 Jolly Machine, Michael Raven
1974 A Touch of the Times, Roy Palmer
1975 Builders' Labourers' Songbook, Builders Labourers Federation
1975 American Labor Songs of the Nineteenth Century, Philip S. Foner
1976 The Big Book of Australian Folk, Song Ron Edwards
1977 Woody Guthrie Folk Song von A-Y
1977 Big Red Songbook Mal Collins, David Harker and Geoff White
1977 The Collier's Rant, Robert Colls
1977 Songs of the Durham coalfield, Jock Purdon
1978 Weevils in the Flour, Wendy Lowenstein
1978 Hans Eisler A Rebel in Music, ed. Manfred Grabs
1978 Come All Ye Bold Miners, revised and enlarged, A.L.Lloyd
1978 victoria's inferno, Jon Raven
1979 Songs Of Struggle And Protest, ed. John McDonnell
1979 Songs the People. Selections from the Sam Henry Collection, ed. John Moulden
1979 Frank the Poet, John Meredith and Rex Whalen
1979 - 86 Stringybark & Greenhide Magazine, ed. Lester and Cecily Grace
1980 Second Penguin Australian Songbook, Bill Scott
1980 Anti Uranium Songbook for Australia, Osman, Bower, Clark & Mogford
1981 The Redgum song book: stubborn words, flagrant vices
1981 For the Good of the Nation, Leon Rosselson
1982 My Shout, John Dengate
1982 The Honeymoon Songbook, Friends of the Earth, La Trobe University
1982 The Shearers, Patsy Adam-Smith
1982 Under the Hook, Wendy Lowenstein
1983 Treasury of Favorite Australian Songs, Therese Radic
1983 Duke of the Outback, John Meredith
1983 Franklin River Blockade Songs Vol II, Tasmanian Wilderness Society
1984 - 2007 Australian Folklore Society Journal, ed. Ron Edwards
1984 Against All The Odds, ed. Maurice Jones
1984 Stories of the Waterfront, John Morrison
1985 Singabout Selected Reprints, Bob Bolton
1985 Pilbara Connection, Roger Montgomery
1985 Carry It On, Pete Seeger and Bob Reiser
1985 The Loser, Frank Hardy
1985 Ah, White Man, Have You Any Sacred Sites?, Denis Kevans
1986 Judy Small Songbook, Judy Small
1986 Land of Lost Content, Robert Reid
1986 Singer, Song and Scholar, ed. Ian Russell
1987 Folk Songs of Australia Vol2, John Meredith Roger Covell & Patricia Brown
1988 Down & Outback, Brad Tate
1988 Strike a Light, Selected by Gillian Harrison
1988 No Paradise For Workers, Ken Buckley and Ted Wheelwright
1988 Inside Black Australia, ed. Kevin Gilbert
1988 The Sound of History: Songs & Social Comment, Roy Palmer
1989 The Songs of Henry Lawson, Chris Kempster
1989 Songs of Australian Working Life, Therese Radic
1989 The Balls of Bob Menzies, Warren Fahey
1991 Songs of a Bronzewing, Phyl Lobl
1991 Songs that make us strong, NALGO
1991 The Death of Luigi Trastulli and Other Stories, Alessandro Portelli
1992 The Eureka Flag, Len Fox
1992 The Incompleat Folksinger, Pete Seeger
1992 Alternative Memoirs, John Hasted
1993 The Oxford Companion To Australian Folklore, Gwenda Beed Davey & Graham Seal
1993 101 Australian Folk Songs : HyperCard Song Book, Mark Gregory
1993 The Land Where the Blues Began, Alan Lomax
1994 Don Henderson "A Quiet Century", Sally Henderson
1994 A Glance Over an Old Left Shoulder, Harry Stein
1995 Australian Folk Songs : World Wide Web Song Book, Mark Gregory
1995 Woody Guthrie American Balladeer, Janelle Yates
1995 Revolutionary Industrial Unionism, Verity Burgmann
1995 My Song is My Weapon, Robbie Lieberman
1996 Songs for Political Action 1926-1953:
Folkmusic, Topical Songs and the American Left, Ronald D. Cohen and Dave Samuelson
1997 Weevils at Work, Wendy Lowenstein
1998 300 Funny Little Poems, Denis Kevans
1998 De Lutte en Turlutte, Pierre Fournier
1998 Weevils in the Flour (20th Anniversary Edition), Wendy Lowenstein
1998 Under the Hook (MUA hear to stay! Update), Wendy Lowenstein
1998 Uncommon People, Eric Hobsbawm
1998 The Peggy Seeger Songbook, Peggy Seeger
1998 Making People's Music, Peter D. Goldsmith
1999 Blues Legacies and Black Feminism, Angela Y. Davis
1999 Pistol Packin' Mama, Shelly Romalis
1999 All Power to the Imagination!, Dave Douglass
1999 People's Poems & Songs of Struggle, John Tomlinson
2000 A Change Is Gonna Come, Craig Werner
2000 The Best of Broadside 1962-1988, Jeff Place and Ronald D. Cohen
2000 One Voice, Christy Moore
2000 A race of singers: Whitman's working-class hero from Guthrie to Springsteen, Brian Garman
2000 Ratbags & Rabblerousers, Warren Fahey
2001 The Turning Wave, ed. Colleen Z Burke and Vincent Woods
2001 The Essential Ewan MacColl Songbook, compiled by Peggy Seeger
2001 Torching The Fink Books, Archie Green
2001 Buried Country, Clinton Walker
2001 Strike Songs of the Depression, Timothy P. Lynch
2002 Upstaged, Michelle Arrow
2002 Many Ships to Mt Isa, Pat Mackie
2002 Together With Us, Barrie Blairs
2003 A few rough reds, ed. Hal Alexander and Phil Griffiths
2003 Fighting Films, Lisa Milner
2003 Jazz Planet, ed. E. Taylor Atkins
2003 Chimes of Freedom, Mike Marqusee
2003 Folkways Records, Tony Olmstead
2004 Ed Pickford Songs
2004 The Voice Of Southern Labor, Vincent J. Roscigno and William F. Danaher
2004 Shoot the Singer, ed. Marie Korpe
2004 Eureka Songs: freedom, struggle, protest and peace, ed. Arthur Pike
2005 Singing the Changes - songs by Dave Rogers for Banner Theatre, Bread Books
2005 Uncharted Waters, Greg Mallory
2005 Train Whistle Blowing, Andrew Piper and Brian Dunnett
2005 Singing Australian: A history of folk and country music, Graeme Smith
2005 The Great Australian Goldrush & Eureka Stockade, R.D. Washe
2006 The Great Lockout, Jim Commerford
2006 John Meredith a tribute, ed. Kevin Bradley
2006 Work Songs, Ted Gioia
2007 The Sea & Other Poems/La Mer & Autres Poemes, Eugene Guillevic, Patricia Terry (Trans), Monique Chefdor
2007 Sixty Years of Australian Union Songs, Mark Gregory
2007 The Big Red Songbook, ed. Archie Green, David Roediger, Franklin Rosemount, Salvatore Salerno
2007 Class Act: The Cultural and Political Life of Ewan MacColl, Ben Harper
2007 The Wheel's Still in Spin, David John Douglass
2007 American Working-Class Literature, Nicholas Coles and Janet Zandy
2008 Get Folked: an Insider History of the Sixties Australian Folk Revival, Brad Tate
2008 The Songs of Henry Lawson (Second Edition), Chris Kempster
2008 The Hungry Mile and other poems (New Edition), Ernest Antony
2008 Songs Of Struggle And Protest, revised ed. John McDonnell
2008 Of Human Right & Human Gain, Rod Noble
2008 Geordis -- Wa Mental, David John Douglass
2008 Worlds of Sound: The Story of Smithsonian Folkways, Richard Carlin
2008 Set Into Song , Peter Cox
2009 Voices from the Ships: Australia's Seafarers and their Union, Diane Kirkby
2009 How To Make Trouble And Influence People, Iain McIntyre,
2009 Working Stiffs, Union Maids, Reds, and Riffraff, Tom Zaniello
2009 Where Have All the Flowers Gone: A Singalong Memoir, Pete Seeger
2009 Coal Mountain Elementary, Mark Novak
2010 Ghost Dancers, David John Douglass
2010 Shane Howard: Lyrics, Shane Howard
2010 Radical Sydney: Places, Portraits and Unruly Episodes, Terry Irving and Rowan Cahill
2010 Working Songs, Roy Palmer
2010 Gone To The Counntry, Ray Allen
2010 They Say In Harlan County, Alessandro Portelli
2011 Woody Guthrie, American Radical, Will Kaufman
2011 Archie Green - The Making of a Working-Class Hero, Sean Burns
2011 Playing for Change: Music and Musicians in the Service of Social Movements, Rob Rosenthal and Richard Flacks
2012 Bert: The Life and Times of A. L. Lloyd, Dave Arthur
2013 Songs of Freedom: The James Connolly Songbook, Mat Callahan (ed)
2008 Australia's Lost Folk Songs, Keith McKenry
2014 Don Henderson "A Quiet Century", Sally Henderson
2014 More Than a Life, John Meredith and the Fight for Australian Tradition, Keith McKenry
2014 Australian Working Songs and Poems - A rebel Heritage, Mark Gregory

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