Union Songs

Union Discography

Tex Moreton: The Country Legend, Tex Moreton, Tempo DMCD 230
Bound For Glory, Woody Guthrie, Folkways FA 2481
Gazette Vol, 2, Pete Seeger, Folkways FN 2502
Dustbowl Ballads, Woody Guthrie, Folkways FA 5212
American Industrial Ballads, Pete Seeger, Folkways 5251, 1957
Tom Morey Campaign Songs, ALP, 1962
Oh Pay Me, Daw Hood and Henderson, Blue and White Collar Records, 1963
Basic Wage Dream, Daw Hood and Henderson, Blue and White Collar Records, 1964
Ballad of Women, Various singers, Union Records, 1964
Songs of Our Time, Gary Shearston, CBS, 1964
Australian Broadside, Gary Shearston, CBS BP 233186, 1965
One Out, Don Henderson, Union Records, 1966
Rake and Rambling Man, Declan Affley, Score, 1968
Ton of Steel, Don Henderson, Union Records, 1971
Whale Chasing Men, Harry Roberston, MFP8272, 1971
Tommy Armstrong of Tyneside, Various singers, Topic 12T122
The Day the Pub Burned Down, Declan Affley, M7 Records
Man of the Earth, Larrikin LRF001, 1974
Australia's Awake, The Larrikins, Larrikin LRE 043
Making History, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Island Records ILPS 9770
la Resistenza Balloni, Sergio: Direttore editoriale, Signal SM 3375
Handful of Earth, Dick Gaughan, Topic Records TSCD419
Navvy On The Line, Australian Railway Songs, Various, Larrikin 1977
If You Don't Fight You Lose, Redgum, Larrikin, 1978
On The Steps Of The Dole Office Door, Various, Larrikin, 1978
Various singers, ACTU Cuts Committee, Achievement , 1979
Flames of Discontent, Don Henderson, Seamen's Union of Australia, 1979
Sydney or the Bush, Alex Hood, EMI, 1981
Can't You See This System's Rotten Through And Through? Pete Seeger, Greenwich Village GVR 233, 1984
Rebel Chorus (in association with AMWU), Larrikin 1982
Left, Keep Left, Black Diamond, Larrikin, 1982
Two Up, Lyell Sayer & Clem Parkinson, Larrikin 1983
We Have Fed You All a Thousand Years, Utah Phillips, Rounder, 1983
Victoria Street, Lyell Sayer 1984
Nonnkanbah Scabs, R U Ready, Larrikin, nd
Railway Voices, Various singers, Combined Railway Unions Cultural Exhibition Committee, 1984
Trains of Treasure, Various singers, Combined Railway Unions Cultural Exhibition Committee, 1984
Declan Affley, Declan Affley, TAR, 1984
Cretan Traditional Music in Australia, Peter Parkhill (ed), TAR 010, 1984
Waiting for the Rain, Ian White, Sidetrack TMS 012, 1985
Here We Go!, Banner Theatre, 1985
Hard Times And Great Expectations, Clem Parkinson and Lyell Sayer, Larrikin, 1985
In My Time, Don Henderson, Hot to Trot, 1986
Carry It On, Pete Seeger Jane Sapp Ki Sahn, Flying Fish Records, 1987
Rebellion Rap: Songs of Struggle, Banner Theatre, 1987
Never Underestimate the Power Of A Song, Various, Larrikin 1989
Pillars of Society, Kev Carmody, Larrikin, 1990
Shipbuilding, Robert Wyatt, Rough Trade RT 115T
Talking With The Taxman About Poetry, Billy Bragg, Liberation Records LIB5081
Don't Mourn - Organize!, Various singers, Smithsonian/Folkways SF 40026
South African Trade Union Worker Choirs, Various choirs, Rounder Records 5020
Which Side Are You On?, Sheffield Socialist Choir
Watch Out!?, Sheffield Socialist Choir
Past Masters, Roy Bailey, Fuse Records Fuse CFCD 403
Raise Your Banners!, Sheffield Socialist Choir
Songs From The South: Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits, Paul Kelly, Mushroom Records MUSH33009,5
Dance of the Underclass, Alistair Hulett, Red Rattler, RATCD 001, 1991
Washington Notebook, Linda Allen, Victory Music, 1991
Rebel Voices, Flying Fish, 1992
Saltley Gate, Banner Theatre, 1993
In The Back Streets Of Paradise, Alistair Hulett, Red Rattler, RATCD 002, 1994
Shoulda Been A Champion , Denis Kevans, Lorikeet Records DKCD, 1995
Sweatshop, Banner Theatre, 1995
Songs for Political Action 1926-1953: Folkmusic, Topical Songs and the American Left, Bear Family Records, 1996
Stand Together, Bernard Carney, Tempo, 1996
Fortunes of the Highway, Phil Cohen, Hard Miles Music, 1996
Something for this Journey: Music from Canadian Women, Various singers, NAC/CLC, 1996
The Past Didn't Go Anywhere, Utah Phillips and Ani DiFranco, Righteous Babe, 1996
Union is Strength, Various singers, CFMEU, 1996
If It Wasnse for the Union: STUC Centenary Album, Various singers, Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX 5005, 1997
Coal Mining Women, Hazel Dickens Sarah Gunning and others, Rounder, 1997
A Gentle Breeze: 18 Don Henderson Ballads, Tommy Leonard, 1997
Songs and Ballads of the Antracite Miners, Rounder, 1997
The Corrigans, The Corrigans, ACTU, 1998
City Of Green: Green Ban Songs and Beyond, Denis Kevans, Lorikeet Records DKCD, 1998
Songs of Irish Labour, Various singers, Bread and Roses Productions Ltd,, 1998
Mermaid Avenue, Billy Bragg & Wilco, Electra, 1998
Fortress Europe, Banner Theatre, 1998
Fellow Workers, Utah Phillips and Ani DiFranco, Righteous Babe, 1999
Class War, Red Dagger, 1999
Young and Younger, George Mann and Julius Margolin, 1999
Miles to Go Before We Sleep, George Mann and Julius Margolin, 2000
Labor Lullaby, 2000
South African Freedom Songs, Various singers / Documentary, Mayibuye Centre, 2000
Comradeship, The Rattlers, 2000
The Best of Broadside 1962-1988, Smithsonian Folkways, 2000
Foreign Country, One Left, Groovetown, 2000
Working Girl Blues, Choir Choir Pants On Fire, 2000
Railway Voices, Various singers, Combined Railway Unions Cultural Exhibition Committee, 2000
Trains of Treasure, Various singers, Combined Railway Unions Cultural Exhibition Committee, 2001
Justice! So-so-so-solidarity, Various singers, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, MMM10124
Strangers on the Shore, Mike Murray and Lesley Silvester, TimeTrackers, 2001
Transplanted Musical Traditions in Australia, Peter Parkhill (ed), Soundabout Australia, AHS 06-2CDS, 2001
Out Of Darkness, Tom Juravich, Fying Fish Records, FF70556, 2001
Way Out Yonder, Andy Irvine, 2001
Solidarity It Can't Be Beat, Solidarity Singers, IUC Records, 2002
Working for Coal, CFMEU 2002
Say Hello, 13 Frightened Girls, 2002
This Land is your Land, Various singers, Vanguard, 2002
MayDay MayDay, Various singers, wobbly radio, 2002
One Word We, Various singers, Cast Recording, 2002
Celebrating May Day, Jim Lesses, Avante Media, 2002
Roaring Jack - The Complete Works, Jump Up Records, 2002
Songs and Ballads of the Bituminous Miners, Rounder, 2002
Red Clydeside, Alistair Hulett, Red Rattler, RATCD005, 2002
Black and White in the Red, Banner Theatre, 2002
Just A Few Bad Apples, George Mann and Julius Margolin, 2003
No Blood For Oil, Various Artists, 2003
With These Arms, Various singers, MUA001, 2003
Bill Berry, sweep of an eager pen, BBCD002, 2004
Shane Howard, retrospect, GR040405, 2004
Looking For Something, Jack Mancor, 2004
Panorama Of Bush Songs, Warren Fahey, ABC 2005
Larrikins, Louts & Layabouts, Warren Fahey, ABC 2005
Wild Geese, Banner Theatre, 2005
Elixir of Life, Banner Theatre, 2005
The Songs of Chris Kempster, Chris Kempster and others (Double CD, 2006)
System Fault, Aiden Jolly, wr001, 2006
Now The Wheel Has Turned, Steve Suffet, 2006
Shades of the Past, Henry Clements, 2006
Beacon Fires, Henry Clements, 2006
I've Been Up On the Mountain, Steve Suffet, 2007
Years of Spooner, Danny Spooner, 2007
Emerging Tradition, Danny Spooner, 2007
Karaoke Union Songs, PPK Music, 2007
War And Peace, Butch Hancock, 2007
We are Union, Lita Gillies, 2007
Dare to Struggle Dare to Win, Martin Doherty & Leigh Birkett, 2007
Here & There Now & Then, Gary Shearston, 2007
Stand Up & Shout, Various, 2007
Railway's Coming Through, John Hospodaryk, 2007
Westgate, Mark Seymour, 2007
Black Top Blues, Jack Mancor, 2007
Coal, Kathy Mattea, 2008
State of Hysteria, Aiden Jolly, 2008
Singing Through the Hard Times Times - a Tribute to Utah Phillips (Double CD, Righteous Babe Records, 2009)
The Songs of Don Henderson, Don Henderson and others (Double CD, Shoestring Records, 2009)
Shane Howard Goanna & Dreaming, Goanna Arts, 2010
The Day the Market Died, Peter Hicks, 2010
Loveless in Hobart Town, Tasmanian Grassroots Choir, 2011
Banished Now Fom My Native Shore, Various, 2012

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