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10,000 Miles Away
The 1913 Massacre
220 years: intervention or invasion?
$300,000 blues
A Man's A Man for A' That
A Better World For You
A Chartist Chorus
a child's question about abolishing native title
A Contract Ain't A Contract Anymore
A Lamentation for the Oppressed
A Lesson From The Felling
a new social order
A rebellious spirit - Frank the poet -
A Sad Day on the Coalfields (Tragedy at Rothbury)
A Stiff's Progress
A Swinish Multitude
A Tour De Farce
A Union Man
ABCC Misery
The ABCC - Who Will Be Next?
The Agitator
Ah Cud Hew
Aheb Aisht Al Huriyah
All For Me Job
All Saturdays Included
After We Torture Our Prisoners
Agent Orange
Account Rendered
Across the Western Suburbs
All Souls' Day
Almost Nothing
Along the Waterfront
A Modern Chief Executive
Amazing Boss
Amerika: Home of the slave, land of the flea
An Arab's Bood is Mine
An Ode to the Framers of the Frame Bill
Anastasia's Petticoat
And Pigs Might Fly
Angel Of Freedom
Another One of Little Johnnie's Lies
Another World Is Possible
Anti-Fouling Roll
Anzac 1944
Are you ready, Monty Miller?
Are You Union Made?
At The Time
Australia's on the Voting Trail
Australia's Recent History
Australian decency?
Australian Made
Australian wind song
Away, You Shaky Turnbull
"Axis of Evil"
The Axises of Evil
Back in 1847
The Back-Blocks Academic
The Ballad of 1891
The Ballad of 1975
Ballad of Eureka
Ballad of Eureka (In 1854)
The Ballad of Ginger Goodwin
The Ballad of Harry Bridges
Ballad of Janet Oakden
The Ballad of Laura Law
Ballad of Ned Kelly
Ballad of Norman Brown
Ballad Of The Westgate Disaster
The Bakke Boat Convicts
The Banks are made of Marble
Barcaldine in 1891
Basic income
The Basic Wage Dream
Battle for Bennelong
Because We're Women
Bells of Rhymney
Bernie Banton: Pure of Heart
Better Times
The Big Fella
Big Green 38
Billy McLean
The Big Joe Blues
Big Step to Freedom
The Birchgrove Park
The Bishop in waiting
Black Armband
The Black Diamond Disaster
The Blackleg Miners
Blood for Oil
Blood on the Coal
The Bottom Line
Brand New Day
Bread and Roses
The Bridge
Bring 'em Home
Bring Out The Banners
British Working-Man
Bucket O' Rust
The Builders' Labourers' Song
Bump me into Parliament
Bye Bye Awards
Call It Democracy
Call To Arms
Calling the Law
Can You Hear That Steam Whistle Blow?
Canaries in the Mines
The Candidate and the Elector
Cane Killed Abel
Cannibal Kids
Cantari Per Luigi Trastulli
Capital and Labour
Capitalism's Progress
Carbon Tax Song
The Case of K
The Cavemen
Celebrate the Strength: TWU anthem
Change happens
Charlie Brown, Fireman
Chartist Anthem
The Chartist Mothers' Song
The Chartists are Coming
City Of Green
Clancy and Dooley and Don McLeod
Clancey & Dooley & Don McLeod
Class Instincts
Class Kleptomania
Clive Palmer Song
Coalition of the Willing
Coal Miner's Son
Coal Owner and Pitman's Wife
The Colliers' Strike Song
Collateral Damage in Kosova
Come and Join the Union
Come All You Coal Miners
Come All You Men In Parliament
Come On Then, Conscript Me!
Come To The Meeting
Comrade Fettler
Concrete Floor
Con-Dem Love
The Contract
Controlling Fairfax
Corporate Anorexia
The Corporation's Power
The Country Knows The Rest
Cowper Wharf
The Credit Crunch Song [Oh Mr Banker]
The Crow on the Cradle
CSG is not for me
Cuando se Iran
The Cutty Wren
Dave McCullough: Final shift
Day2day work
The Dead Miners
Dear John
Dear Public
The Death of Mother Jones
Demon's Demand
Défendez ce que vous croyez
Destitution Road
Didn't They Lie?
Diggers' Song
The Dili Massacre (12 November 1991)
The Dirty Digger
Do Re Mi
Do the slowly-chokie
Dollar Alarm Clock
Does my employer own me
Don't Ask
Don't Be Afraid of the Neo-Cons
Don't Be Too Polite Girls
Don't Close the Depot Down
Don't Forget The Union Label
Don't Sell Us Pipedreams
Down and Outback
Down On The Picket Line
Down the roadway
Down Workers Go Down
Du Pain et des Roses
Easy Terms
The Economic Rationalist
The Eight-Hour Day
The Eight-Hours System
El pueblo unido jamás será vencido
Empty Rails
The Election Win
The End Is Near
Enemy of the State
Environmental evangelism makes no friends
Every Stitch
Everybody's Working for the Man Again...
The Everlasting Drum
Everything We Need
exploitation a yesteryear right
Extreme Golf
Faces In The Dark
Farewell Johnny Miner
Falling Down Hard
The Farmer & The Miner Should Be Friends
Fast Food Hustle
The Fatal Train
The Fighting MUA
The Finest
The Fire
Fire de People, Give yourself a Raise
Florian Geyer
For the Company Underground
The Foreign Digger's Song
Forced Overtime
Foster's Mill
Found and lost
Four Strong Women
Fragen Eines Lesenden Arbeiters
Freedom Come-All-Ye
Friends We Cannot See
Friends Wont Let You Down
Freedom on the Wallaby
From Little Things Big Things Grow
Galloway and Stephens
Gardens of Death
The Gates of 23
General Strike
Gentlemen of New South Wales
Get Your Union Colours On
George Bush: We will stop you!
Get foxy news
Get Thee Behind Me, Satan
Ghost Postie
Give Us A Job
Globalization Blues
Go To The Wall
Golden Parachutes
The Good Old-Fashioned Way
Good People
Goodbye Johnny
The Goose and the Common
Got My Union
Green Weapons
The Greenban Fusiliers
Greenbans Forever
A GST on Daffodils
Hallelujah! I'm A Bum
The Hand-Loom Weavers' Lament
Hands Up Don't Shoot
The Harassment
Hard Miles
Hard Road
Hard Times Come Again No More
Harry Bridges
Has-Been Hazards
The H-Bomb's Thunder
He Fades Away
He Understood
Health Care Blues
Hear Tigers Snarl
The Heartland
Hee Haw Hee Haw Hee Haw
Here We Go
Here's To You Franklin
Hey, Mr. President, Don't You Kill for Me!
Hey! Polly
Hey, Rich King Midas
The High Pride
Hiroshima Song
Hog Heaven
The Hogg's Hollow Disaster
Hold the Fort
Hold That Line
Home of the slave, land of the sleaze
Homeless Tonight
Honea Path
How About You?
How Long Justice?
How Much More?
Howard Didn't Know
Howard or the Dodgy Brothers?
Howard's new reconciliation
Howard's Tambourine
The Hunger-March
The Hungry Mile
The Hungry Mile (2)
I Am Coal
I Am the Man
I Ain't Afraid
I Can't Abide
I Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die... Again
I Guess I Get A Little Emotional Sometimes
I Hate the Company Bosses
I Have
I'll Stand By You
I Love the Life of Freedom
I'm Changing Our Name to Grammar
I'm Proud to be Union
I'm Too Old To Rat
I Kiss Your Memory (But Not Goodbye)
I won't detain you long
I Would Do It Again
If It Weren't For The Union
If You Wanna Know
In 1854 (Ballad of Eureka)
In A Durham Mining Town
In the Name of God
In Woomera
The Industrial Relations Laws
The Internationale
International Cowboy
Into the Streets May First
The Iraq Song
The Iraqi War Song
Is our tomorrow our yesterday?
Isn't it Bad?
It's So Simple
I Want To Be A Right Winger Now
James Connolly
Jez Ya Good Ya Mongrel
Jim Grahame Song
Joe Hill
John Howard's Christmas
John Howard's glowing futures
John Howard's Grave
John Lennon
Johnny Be Gone
Johnny Howard's March
The John Mclean March
5 John Tomlinson Poems
Join the MUA
Join Your Union
The Judge and the Shipowner
Junk Food Junkie
Just A Few Bad Apples
Just Another Day (in Baghdad)
Just Like That
Justice Delayed
The Jute Mill Song
Khaki and Grey
King Street Bridge
Keeping up Appearances
The Kent State Massacre
Know what you're standing in
Labouring With the Hoe
Lads of the B.L.F.
The Lake Berryessa
Last Christmas on the Place
The Last Selfish Generation
The Lawson Hall Song
Lead Bonus
Learners Chain
Let the Franklin Flow
Let the Union's Spirit
Let's Be Real
Let's Hear It For The Multi-Nationals
Let's Organize!
The Living Wage
Let the Union's Spirit
Let's Sing!
The Lithgow State Mine
Little Ballad For Americans
Little News from Dunamore
Loathsome, Winston Johnny
Look for the Union Label
Lost In The Bush
Louis Tikas
Love is the Answer
Love Songs
Lunatic's Picnic
Lunch and Breaks
Macquarie Harbour
The McCoy Hotel
The Machine
The Mad Monk
Magic Realism
Mal Brough
Mandatory Sentencing
Mark Allen
Maryborough Miner
The Man From Snowjob River
Master's Peace In Industry
Matilda's War Waltz
May We Never See Such Times
Mayday Mayday
Me and Lil
The Melbourne Strike
Melt Verizon's Cold, Cold Heart
The Men of Eureka
Might Makes Right, Dear
Miner's Lifeguard
Mr Murdoch's Song
The Money-Market
Morris McMahon Picket Shanty
Moreton Bay
Mothers, Daughters, Wives
The Mountain Miners
Moura Mine
MUA. Here to Stay!
3 MUA Poems
My Children
My Country
My Master And I
My Mother Gave Me A Penny
My Name is Dessie Warren
My People are Rising
The Navvies
Never Asked for Nothing
Never Buy the Sun
The New Exhibits
New National Anthem/Flag
New Legislation
A newspaper, a Shi'ite leader...
No Blood For Oil
Nobody Should Have to Go Through This
no one's too alien to be australian
No People in This Land
no war no way
The Norley Gate
Not Wanted!
Nuclear Blues
Nuclear Gypsies
Nursery Rhyme
The Oath Of Eureka
Obama is the One for Me
Occupy Wall Street (We're gonna stay right here)
Of The Things I Know I Sing
The Office Song
Oh No John
The Old Divide And Rule
Olympic torch relay
On the Shift
One Big Union
One Miner's Life
One More Day Than Them
One sheet of flier
One Sick Kin Away From Being Fired
Our Future, Our Texas
Our Terms They Won't Be Changin'
Our Unity Will Pull Us Through
Out of Order
Over the Ocean
Paddy's Day Bash
Patriot's Grave
Paul Robeson
Peace Songs
Peat Bog Soldiers
Peg and Awl
Penrhyn Road Picket
The people united will never be defeated
Percentage Games
The Picket Line
The Picket Line (2)
The Pick-up Shed
The Pig-Iron Song
Pig Iron to Yellow Cake
Pine Gap
The Poison Train
A politician's conversation with an asylum seeker
Poor Jon
Power In A Union
Power In Market Forces
The Preacher and the Slave
The Prints of the Unknown Wobbly
Privatise the Profits - Nationalise the Losses
Privatising Power
The Property Man
Protecting workers' rights
Proud and Strong
Questions From A Worker Who Reads
Rabble Rouser Rudd
The Rabble Rousers' Rag
Radio Independence
Railway's Coming Through
Rebel Song
Recession Song
The Red Clydesiders
The Red Flag
Remember the Heroes
Respect Construction Workers
Retirement of a Unionist
Right That Time
Rights At Work
The right-wing Christian voter
Roads We Tread
The Roar of the Crowd
The Rodney
Roll the Union On
Rotten to the core
Rudyard Winston Zimmerman's 119th dream
Rupert the Puppeteer
Safe in Public Hands
The Safe Thing
The Sailor Home From the Sea
Saint Peter
The San Jose Mine
Santo Santoro
Sarah's Hard Rock Candy
Save Our State
Scissors and Seams
Scratchie Ticket
Sea To The Sky
The Search For WMD Is Not Over
Seargent Small
Seargent Small (2)
Second Class Wait Here
Send a Billionaire to Camp
Send Me An Ambulance
September 11th
Shearing in the Bar
Ship Repairing Men
The Shores of Botany Bay
The Shunter
Si se puede
The Silence Of Good People
The Singing Of The Water
Single By Choice
Sixteen On The Dole
The Slave Pen By The Sea
The Slimy Patrick's Scab
The Sleeper Cutters' Camp
Small Price To Pay
Smart bombs, Dumb Politicians
The Smell of Money
Snoopers 2
So Many Tears, So Many Flowers
Social Human Beings
Sold Down the River
Solidarité Mes Frères Et Mes Soeurs
Solidarity Forever
Solidarity Forever (Hip Hop 2012)
Solidarity Forever (2005)
Some Things Weren't Meant To Fade
Somebody Robbed the Pension Plan
Something about Immigration
Song for Bradley Manning
Song for Father
Song for Julia
Song for the Luddites
The Song of the Famine
Song of the Sheetmetal Worker
The Song of the Stick
The Song of the Types
Song of Social Significance
Song of the West Coast Seamen
A Song For Peace
Sorry Song
Spanner in the Works
Speed up, Shiftwork and Overtime
Spello, Spell
Stag's Barrow
Stand and Defend
Stand As One
Stand By the Union
Stand Tall – for Ark Tribe
Stand Together
Stand Up For What You Believe
Stanhope, You've Got No Hope
State Of Hysteria
Step By Step
Stimulus Package
Stop the damn Mary River Dam
Stop the War
Strange Lover Is A Coalmine
Strangers on the Shore
The Strike of 1894
Struggle in the West
The Swaggies Have All Waltzed Matilda Away
Sydney Town
Taken hostage
Talking Ampol Sarel
Talkin' Global Warming Blues
Talking Security Dog Blues
Talking Union
A tax circus
The T- Shirts & The Blood
Tell me the truth about war
The Telephone Tree
Telstra is saving the environment
Temple Cowley Pool Song
The Ten Point Scam
Ten Young Women And One Young Man
Terrorism Song
Texan John
That's No Lie
Them Dirty Robbin' Banks
There is Power in a Union
These Two Arms
They're keeping a file on me
'Thinking Imperially'
Thirty Shillings a Month
Thirty Ton Line
This Is a Perfect Moment
This Is My Body
This is What the Union Done
Thobile Maso poems
Three Foot Seam
A Time To Be Singing
Time for the revolution...
Times Get hard
Timor and Australia
'tis a creepin' boozh-wah dictatorship
To the Railway Strikers (1903)
Today, tomorrow and yesterday
Tony Abbott's ukulele
Too Little And Too Late
Too Young to Die
Touch One, Touch All
Too Young to Die
Trains of Treasure
Travelling Down the Castlereagh
The Tree
Tribute to John Howard
Troubled Waters Rising
Tweed And Lismore
The Two Bums
The "Two-Star" Hotel
Turning Steel (The Factory Lad)
Tucked Away
Under the Rose
Understanding Marx
Union (2)
Union ABCs
Union Boy
The Union Grand
The Union's On Your Side
Union Maid
The Union Man
Union Solidarity
Union Train
Union Warriors
United We Stand
Unity (Raise Your Banner)
Universal Health Care
The Unknown Worker
Until Another Man's Killed
Usabos Ng Puhunan (Slave by the Capital)
View from a Wooden Chair
Voltaire's Philosophy ... Parkinson's Philosophy
Wage justice
The Wal-Mart Round
The Wal-Mart Waltz
Waltzing Matilda
Waltzing My Timor
The War is Still Wrong
The War is Without End
War of terror
Water to the Trenches
Waving on the breeze
We Await the Day
We are the CFMEU
We Are All Charlie Now
We're on the Picket Line
We Belong to the Union
(You Can't Break Me)

We Can't Afford to Save the Planet
We'd Love To Sit And Chat With ...
We Demand A Living Wage
We Dig Coal
We Met Them At The Door
We own only our labour power
We Stand Together
We Want Peace
We Were There
We Will Have Dignity
We Will Sack You
We Will Sack You (2)
We'll Take No Shit From You
We've Drawn The Line
Weevils in the Flour
Were You There?
West Papua
The Westgate Bridge Disaster
The Westgate Bridge Disaster (2)
Westgate Widow's Song
The Wharfie's Song
What Did Daddy Do?
What is a Union?
What Makes A Place?
Whatever it Takes
Wheels of the Workers
When Johnny comes into town
When the Coal Blew Away
When the Sun Goes Down On Moranbah
When We Rest
Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
Where Women Rule
Which Australia?
Which Side Are You On?
Whistleblower We Need You
While youse can!
White Man's Blues
Who needs friends?
Whose Hand?
Why Can't We Give Refuge To A Refugee
William Spence
The Wind
With These Arms
Women Are Coming
Woodchip Man
The words they are a changing
The Worlds Best Judge
Work for the Dole
worker against worker competition
The Workers' Song
The Workers Song
Workers United
Workin' All Day
Working Overtime
The Working Man
Working Poor
The Workman's Square Deal
Would you buy a second hand war from this man?
Ye Politicians All
You Belong To Us
You Can't Hide Forever Johnny Howard
You Can't Stop The Sun
You girls
You Gotta Go Down And Join The Union
You're Fired!
You're Lucky That You Have a Job
You're Magic
The Young Redundant Miner
Young Bluey
Your Daughters And Your Sons
Your Money and Your Power

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