Union Songs

Reviews and Articles

Loveless in Hobart Town goes to Tolpuddle (Simon Cocker)
Loveless in Hobart Town (Margaret Walters)
Political Song History (Smokey Dymny)
The Language of Workers and Poets (Mark Nowak)
USA: Strikebreaking in 1930s Film Clip
Radical Sydney (Desmond Moore)
Pitricide (Dave Douglass)
Unions Must Move Left -- They Have No Alternative (David Bacon)
Just a cog in the machine (John Wood)
Demcracy Now tribute to Pete Seeger
Pete Seeger Celebrates 90th With a Concert (New York Times)
Folk's virtuoso of dissent (Mahir Ali)
Pete Seeger 90th birthday celebrations in Australia
Pete Seeger (Mark Gregory- from 1968)
The Past is Before Us Part 1 (Rod Noble)
The Past is Before Us Part 2 (Tom Bridges)
Pete Seeger at Lincoln Memorial Concert- 20 January 2009
Geoff Wills' Coat (Mark Gregory)
Odetta 1930 - 2008
Hungry Mile book launch (Mark Gregory)
Ten year anniversary of Patrick dispute (Mark Gregory)
Interview with Peter Hicks (Nick Martin)
2008 Rebel Yelp Songwriter Award (Kevin "Blarney" McCarthy)
Look what unionsong.com has done! (Frank Manning)
Union Songs, Of Course! (Ray Korona)
Pete Seeger: The Power of Song
Stop Ms Nezu's Dismissal and Ms Kawarai's Punishment!
Brooklyn Women's Chorus (Bev Grant)
Ralph Sawyer, 1927-2007: Wharfie artist (SMH obituary)
Sixty Years of Australian Union Songs [buy a copy]
2007 Rebel Yelp Songwriter Award (Kevin "Blarney" McCarthy)
Unions and the Australian Folk Revival (Mark Gregory)
Impeach Bush and Cheney Now! (a message from Pete Seeger)
The World Is Worth Fighting For: The Legacy of Joe Strummer (Alexander Billet)
The Poet and the Tyrant:
Victor Jara's Music and the Brutal Legacy of Pinochet
(Alexander Billet)
Do online campaigns really work? (Eric Lee)
Ernest Antony: A Forgotten Poet (Rowan Cahill)
Rekindling the Flames of Discontent (Jan Nary)
The Hungry Mile And 'Maritime Invisibility' (Rowan Cahill)
Union Values and Beliefs (Greg Combet)
Hot Air!
From the Church to the Union Hall (Margaret Hoven & David Earle Anderson)
Australian songs dealing with IR laws (Mark Gregory)
LabourStart TV (Eric Lee)
Uncharted Waters (Greg Mallory)
Eight Hour Day in Australia (Mark Gregory)
Eureka Songs
Solidarity, Songs and Society (Jan Nary)
Radio LabourStart
Alistair Hulett Biography (2005)
Raging Grannies of the Peninsular (Ruth Robertson)
Down in the Mine (Rik Palieri)
Pete Seeger's Last War (David Hadju for Mother Jones)
Alistair Hulett Interview (Nick Martin)
Chris Kempster Tribute (Mark Gregory)
Katherine Thomson play: Harbour (Mark Gregory)
Union Songs in South Africa (Thobile Maso)
Philosophy of Struggle (Tetsuro Tanaka)
CD Launches: With These Arms (Mark Gregory)
With These Arms CD (Mark Gregory)
Vancouver Island MusicFest (Steve Harvey)
Laying Siege to Empire (Mark Gregory)
No Blood For Oil CD Project (Geoff Francis)
Poets for Peace (Mark Gregory)
Peace is Union Business (Mark Gregory)
Working for Coal CD (Mark Gregory)
Woody Guthrie in Katoomba (Mark Gregory)
Hanns Eisler, Marxist Polyglot (Joy Calico)
Alan Lomax (Mark Gregory)
Solidarity in Song (Mark Gregory)
The Rebel Snowman
Solidarity Singers CD
Labor Lullaby (Mark Gregory)
South African Freedom Songs (Mark Gregory)
An Overture into the Future: The Music of Social Justice (Joe Uehlein)
Harry Bridges (Grif Fariello)
Geoff Wills (Michael O'Loghlin)
The Best Of Broadside (Mark Gregory)
Centre for Political Song (Caroline Cochrane)
Choir Choir Pants on Fire: CD review (Mark Gregory)
The Music of Labor: From Movement to Culture (Michael L. Richmond)
Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion Monument (Steve Harvey)
The Birth of a Worker's Song (Hanns Eisler, 1938)
Labor, Labor Movement and Music (Hanns Eisler, 1938)
Trains of Treasure: CD review (Bob Bolton)
Trains of Treasure: CD review (Mark Gregory)
Under the Hook: book review (Mark Gregory)
The Politics of Envy (John Tomlinson)
Miners' Memorial Day - Cumberland (Steve Harvey)
MUA Muse: songs and poems of the picket lines (Mark Gregory)
We Shall Not Be Moved (Wendy Lowenstein)
Labour History Month - British Columbia (Steve Harvey)
Union Is Strength CD (Mark Gregory)

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