Union Songs

Union Music and Cultural Sites

Aidan Jolly
Alan Bush Music Trust
Alan Lomax
The Alan Lomax Database
Alistair Hulett
Andy Irvine
Anne Feeney
Antiwar Songs AWS
Appalacian Protest Songwriters
Arbeiterleider online
Australian Folk Songs
Australian Music Web Site
Australian Railway Songs (collectors' blog)
Australian Railway Story
Banner Theatre
BBC: The Radio Ballads
Berkeley Labor Guides
Bernard Carney
Bev Grant
Billy Bragg
Boat People
Bob Bossin's Old Folksinger's Homepage
Bob Fox
Bob Marley
Break Syndical
Brooklyn Women's Chorus
Bruce Cockburn Project
Camp Walt Whitman Song Book
Canberra Union Voices
Centre for Political Song
chansons révolutionnaires
Chantes des Luttes Ouvrieres
Chantes Revolutionaires
Charles Parker Archive Trust
Chorprojekt Shosholoza
Chris Kempster Project
Christy Moore
Cisco Houston
Civil Rights Movement Veterans
Colleen Z Burke
Combined Union Choir
Complaints Choirs Worldwide
Country Joe & the Fish
Das politische Lied in Deutschland
David Rovics
Dick Gaughan
Digital Tradition
Doc Rowe Collection and Archive
Dockers Archive
Documenting Labor Inside and Out
Don Henderson Project
Le Drapeau Rouge
Eric Bogle
Faith Petric
The Folk Handbook
Four Dogs Music
Freemuse: - The World Forum on Music and Censorship
George Mann and Julius Margolin
Gerri Gribi: The Womansong Collection
Hanns Eisler
Hard Miles Music
Harry Bridges Project
Healy & Juravich
History in Song
The Internationale (over 40 versions)
Irish Labour Songs
Jan Wositzky: Story Teller's Guide
Jane Keefer: Folk Music, An Index to Recorded Resources
Jack Chernos (political punk/folk banjo)
Jack Mancor
Jez Lowe
Joe Hickerson
Joe Hill
Jose Luis Sepulveda
John Williamson
Judy Small
Jumping Fences
Kali Dasgupta
Kalkaringi/Daguragu Freedom Day web site
Karl Dallas
Karl Dallas Folknews Blog
The Kurt Weill Foundation for Music
Labor Arts
Labor Heritage Foundation
Labor Arts
Labor Exchange Band
Labour Music Links
Labor Notes - Song of the Month
Leon Rosselson
Liverpool Socialist Singers
The Lurkers
Madeleine Begun Kane, Humor Columnist
Magic for Socialism
Malc's Books
Margret RoadKnight
Mark Seymour
Martin Doherty
Mike Stout
Modern American Poetry
Modern Trade Union Banners
Morning Star
The Mudcat Cafe
Musical Traditions
Music of the Detroit Newspaper Strike
The Music of the Spanish Civil War
Musicians' Alliance for Peace
National Arts and Cultural Alliance (NACA)
New Song Library
New Songs for PeaceThe Northumbria Anthology
The Notre Dame des Bananes Choir
Peace Not War
Peter Hicks
Peter Neilson
Pete Seeger Appreciation Page
Peoples Music Network for Songs of Freedom and Struggle
The people's Pete
People's Republic: The True Voice of the People
Phil Ochs
Phyl Lobl
Remembering Phil Ochs
Poets Against War
Poets Against The War
Pop and Politics
Protest Music As Responsible Citizenship
Raise Your Banners!
Punk Voter
Raised Voices
The Ray Korona Band
Real People's Music
Reason in Revolt
Rebel Frequencies
Revolution Revived: A collection of working class poetry
Roaring Jack Archives
Robben Island Museum
San Francisco Peninsula Raging Grannies
Seattle Labor Chorus
Shane Howard
Sing Out!
Sojourners Magazine
Solidarity Choir
Songs For Political Action
South Australian Trade Union Choir
Stand Up Ye Men of Labour
Steve Suffet
Suffrage Songs and Verses
Sweet Honey In The Rock
Teresa Healy
Thobile Maso poems
Trade Union Songs and Socialist Poetry
Tommy Sands
Uncle Tom's Folk Music History Page!
Union Maid
US Library of Congress Special Collections
Utah Phillips
Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Online
The Vietnam Songbook
Victor Jara
Victorian Trade Union Choir
Vin Garbutt
Violeta Parra
Walters and Warner
Warren Fahey
Wattle Records and Films
WEM Records
Wheeze And Suck Band
Woody Guthrie
Workers' Music Association
The Working Class Movement Library
Working Voices Choir

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