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email from Frank Manning (Dec 2007)

Hi, Mark

I just wanted to shoot you a note about events that came my way after you posted the song Louis Tikas on unionsong.com. I've received several e-mails from various countries commenting on the song or asking for information. I've talked on the phone with Americans, I've exchanged Christmas greetings with Italians, and I've met Greeks in person, all because of the Internet and unionsong.com. We are united in our admiration and gratitude for Louis.

Last winter a music producer in Athens contacted me and asked for permission to use the song in March in some dance performances he was working on. His name is Nikos Valkanos, and I was honored that he included a song I wrote. Shortly thereafter he asked if he could also use it in Athens Festival 2007 in July, and again I was glad to grant permission. People from all over the world attended Athens Festival. I can only guess at how many countries they came from.

This shows the global unity of the workers and their supporters. It is truly cause for optimism.

Later in the summer of 2007 I received an e-mail from two Greek journalists who were about to visit Colorado to research Louis Tikas. They asked to interview me, and the three of us visited Louis's grave. They too had found the song and my address on unionsong.com.

Then last month a message came from a wonderful lady in northern Italy. She was very kind and explained that her grandfather had been at Ludlow on the day Louis was murdered. We corresponded back and forth and determined that, nearly a hundred years ago, my grandfather and her grandfather had known each other in Sopris, Colorado, which happens to be another town mentioned in the song! She lives near the Italian village my grandparents emigrated from.

So again I was reminded that people are people, and we are all on this world together. The key word is indeed union. The world is not such a big place!

Keep up the good work,



Many thanks to Frank Manning for permission to publish this email on the Union Song web site.

Back in 2002 Frank emailed me his song about Louis Tikas

While in Athens Frank sang Louis Tikas at an anti-racism rally in on July 9

photo from: http://indy.gr/newswire/fotografies-apo-to-12o-antiratistiko-festibal-2i-kai-3i-mera/

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