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Philosophy of Struggle

Article by Tetsuro Tanaka

I would like to write down the knowledge I learned in my struggle.

Anger and hatred are different.
The struggle coming from an anger against an injustice can make people happy.
The action came from hatred towards trying to make others unhappy.
It has strong power for a short time, but it will gradually destroy you.

When you struggle against a powerful opponent.
Trying to defeat and trying not to be defeated are different.
Even if the opponent is strong, so you can't defeat him, you can not be defeated.
When you continue the struggle, sometimes it has meaning for society, and actually has the "meaning of winning."

Tetsuro Tanaka Know your own weaknesses.
To not be defeated, you should recognize your own weaknesses, physically, mentally, economically, and socially.
To not be defeated, you should recognize your organizations weakness, structurally, logically, economically, and socially.

Find virtue in your enemy, find evil in yourselves.
Usually people think they are right, and that enemies are wrong.
But there is no person 100% good or 100% wrong.
We should always recognize that selfishness will appear in our minds and try to control that.
Especially we should not trust too many of our leaders.

Hatred makes enemies strong
When your opponent is wrong you should accuse it severely and logically.
But you should not negate the whole personality of the opponent.
You should accuse or criticize them, keeping in mind that they may still have virtuous thoughts.
When you accuse them with a mind full of hate it amplifies their hatred against you, and make them strong.

When you find the opponents weak point you should attack it.
But sometime through the attacking, you create your own weak points.
You should use caution when speaking so that your words may not be used against you to the point that you may be arrested or accused as a defamation.
You will get revenge and be exhausted, and your solidarity will be broken.
You should attack carefully and not allow yourself to be destroyed before your opponent is destroyed

Trust and depend on some body are different things.
A person in a struggle should not depend on supporters.
If your request is betrayed by your supporters you may bear a grudge.
We should have gratitude when our supporters support us. If they don't support us we shouldn't bear a grudge.
My motto is "to hope for support but not depend on it"
You shouldn't try to keep your supporters from departing from you, after you show them the principles of your struggle.
Sometimes your supporters may become bigger enemies than the opponent of your struggle.

The struggling person should always show his principles clearly to supporters and society.
Why are you struggling? To what purpose are you struggling?
In the case of a struggle against wrongful dismissal, even if the purpose is only to make the company withdraw their dismissal, it is important to show the aim of the struggle.
The aim being, to restore the economical damage to the person struggling, or to cause the company to acknowledge their fault in the case thus deterring such future dismissals from occurring.

In the case of a struggle to restore economic damage to an individual, when the struggle gets drawn out for an extended period of time, the struggle will get harder and harder.
The person attempting the struggle should be independent economically. During the early stages of the struggle the person struggling must depend upon economic support from the supporters, but they should try as soon as possible to be independent from those supporters if they intend on struggling for an extended period of time.
Supporters should urge the struggling person to become independent economically as soon as possible.
Supporters should not attempt to make the person struggling to end their struggle when the struggling person desires to continue.
If, for any reason, the supporters want to abandon the struggle they should do so immediately without a word.

Don't believe any information 100%.
Even if it is believed that the information is certain, without a doubt, you should be prepared for such a case when those "certain things" may be proven otherwise.
You have to decide which action to take but be careful to not choose an action that may destroy you if the information is wrong.

You shouldn't be scared, when there is no apparent person trying to kill you.
Nobody will kill you just by expressing your freedom of speech.
Recently, there are a lot of people who are afraid to print their names in flyers of their civil activity.
If you seriously want to change society for the better you should display yourself with courage.
It will be too late if the era comes, when people are killed for their speech.

When you recognize your mistakes you should acknowledge that you must apologize completely not half-heartedly, to your opponent and to society.
You must show your apology publicly so that society may see your apology to your opponent.
After your apology, you should insist that even though you may have been at fault in some matter, that does not negate the fact that your opponent was also at fault.
If you ignore or try to run away from the matter your opponent will pursue you with accusations, and you will lose your power of persuasion for society.
You should withdraw yourself immediately if you know that the cause you are for is flawed.
If you don't change your course in this case, by your vanity, the damage will be compounded against your struggle.


Many thanks to Tetsuro Tenaka for permission to add this article to the Union Songs website. Visit his website at: http://www.din.or.jp/~okidentt/ and listen to his songs. Visit also documentary film Tanaka-san Will Not Do Callisthenics

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