Union Songs

Bring Out The Banners

A Song by John Warner ©1997 John Warner
(Tune: Oxford or See Amid The Winter's Snow by John Goss. 1800-1880)

In faded photo, like a dream,
A locomotive under steam
Rolls with the ranks of marching feet
And union banners on the street.

Bring out the banners once again,
You union women, union men,
That all around may plainly see
The power of our unity.

I've seen those banners richly made
With symbols fair of craft and trade,
The union's names in red and gold,
Their aspirations printed bold.

Boilermakers, smiths and cooks,
Stevedores with cargo hooks,
Declare their union strong and proud,
Rank on rank before the crowd.

They won the eight-hour working day,
They won our right to honest pay,
Victorious their banners shone,
How dare we lose what they have won?

Today, when those who rule divide,
We must be standing side by side,
Our rights were bought with tears and pain,
Bring out the banners once again.


Thanks to John Warner for permission to include this song in the Union Songs collection

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