Union Songs

Talking Security Dog Blues

A song by John Warner©John Warner 1998

Now look through the fence and you will see,
Chris Corrigan's dockyard security.
Monstrous dogs of various breeds,
With manlike things hanging on their leads.
They need the dogs,
It's not that they're scared,
They need them to help them find the loo.

There are seeing-eye dogs as you know,
That show blind folks the way to go,
Well the dogs you see through the cyclone chain,
Are known in the trade as a thinking brain,
The man walks round with a club,
Menacing folks,
The dog's the smart one.

These security men are specially bred,
To take immense blows on the head,
They poo and piddle, eat and drink,
But turn deep purple if asked to think,
They're solid bone,
Right through,
It's the dog that does the thinking.

Imagine, then, the kind of lark,
Behind containers after dark,
Do the muscle men from security,
Enjoy some animal husbandry?
They may not screw the dogs,
But some mongrels are surely screwing them.

If they only knew, if they only saw,
Through the lies of Patrick Stevedores,
They'd know when the union men go back,
They'd be the first in line for the sack,
And what's worse,
By protecting scabs,
They've made enemies of the union.

So come on, you private army boys,
Throw down your clubs and company toys,
Don't carry out Johnny Howard's crime,
The pack could turn on you next time,
And without a union,
Your families could be starving.

Those who manipulate the law,
To escalate the dockyard war,
Don't care for the tools of their lies and lurks,
Or who they throw out of honest work,
What are you mate,
A man,
Or one of Chris Corrigan's running dogs?


Many thanks to John Warner for permission to use this song, and Margaret Walters for sending it down the line.

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