Union Songs

MUA. Here to Stay!

A song by John Warner 25/4/98 ©1998
Tune. Approx. Lincolnshire Poacher

Here to stay!
There's mums and dads and kids all here,
And we won't go away,
Till wharfies march back in the gate,
And earn their proper pay,
Here to stay!

Now I'm in Junior Rugby League, Dad comes along to cheer,
The family cheers for Grandad in the Anzac march each year,
Mum's in the Union chorus, we all go to hear her sing,
And we're with Dad on the picket line, 'cos that's the proper thing.

You say we kids should not be here, well you're on the wrong track,
You didn't hear my mother weep, the day dad got the sack,
They sent men in with clubs and dogs, and mate, that's really bad,
And that's why me and my sister Sue stand in the line with Dad.

Now we have seen the wharfies trying hard to keep the peace,
We went and had a chat with that nice lady from the police,
And we think Mr Corrigan should shut his big , fat gob,
And open up the dockyard gates and give Dad back his job.


For the wharfies' kids. Many thanks to John Warner for permission to use this song, and Margaret Walters for sending it down the line.

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