Union Songs

Justice Delayed

A song by John Warner ©John Warner 1998
Tune: Mixture of Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre and Bonnie Dundee/Billy of Tea

Justice delayed is justice denied,
Four judges have ruled that the right's on our side,
Now give us our jobs back and fling the gates wide,
For justice delayed is justice denied.

We've maintained the peace as we stood for our right,
They brought in the dogs and armed thugs for the fight.
They went to the courts and the courts ruled our way,
Why are we still standing outside today?

It's comic to hear business men crying poor,
They can't pay fair wages yet they pay for the law,
The law goes against them, as rightly it ought,
And still they have money to try the next court.

They say they can't pay us, the company's broke,
And we'd all be laughing except it's no joke.
They're still paying scabs on the big hired bus,
But they've stripped all the assets, there's no cash for us.

We're sick of injunctions, we're sick of the wait,
While scabs wreck equipment we see through the gate.
Our trust in the law's wearing weary and thin,
It's time to do justice and let us back in.


Many thanks to John Warner for permission to use this song, and Margaret Walters for sending it down the line.

Visit John's website at http://www.folkjohnwarner.com

Find more John Warner songs on this site. Visit John on the web at: www.folkjohnwarner.com

John and Margaret sing the song on the MUA Centenary CD "With These Arms"

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