Union Songs

Tribute to John Howard

A song by John Warner ©1998 (Mayday March 3/5/98)

Dear Johnnie Howard, we thought we ought to say,
How much we appreciate the things you've done today.
You've really done us well, old lad,
You've treated us alright,
You only had to flap your gob to make us all unite.
Ten thousand folks were on the street,
You should have heard the cheers,
More union solidarity than there has been for years,
Take on another union, lad before it disappears,
Johnny Howard, the working man's delight.

Dear Johnnie Howard, receive our vote of thanks,
Likewise Mr. Corrigan, his businesses and banks,
If you'd not schemed and plotted,
To bully, cheat and rob,
If you'd not sent the wharfies out,
Without their rightful job,
We might not have united in the way we did today,
To celebrate our victories, this merry month of May,
So call the next election and we working folk will say,
Goodbye Howard and your thieving liberal mob.


Many thanks to John Warner for permission to use this song.

Margaret Walters writes "I don't know what's got into John Warner - they're just pouring out....
John Coomb spoke at the May Day rally yesterday and between the rally and the concert at the Gaelic Club this is what he produced."

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