Union Songs

How Much More?

A song by John Warner ©1998
Tune: Bless Them All

How much more?
How much more
Evasions, injunctions and law?
The courts have decided and that should be it
So send home your scabs and security shit.
Containers are stacked by the shore
The wharfies stand here by the door,
To hell with your games and your blacklist of names
It's time to get working once more.

How much more?
How much more?
Will you call on us to endure?
You've found out that you had the devil to pay
When you took on the lads of the bold MUA
You're corrupt and depraved to the core
And your antics too vile to ignore
So get down off your dais
Employ us and pay us
Then piss off and plague us no more!


Many thanks to John Warner for permission to add this song (written May 9 as Wharfies began to return to work but were faced with all kinds of new demands from the defeated employer) to the site

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