Union Songs


A song by Steve Barnes and Ken Ferguson ©1995

The economy says unemployment is your fate
The company says this factory must close down
The market says you must reskill and relocate
Say goodbye to your home town

The economy says we'll take your music and your art
The company says we'll turn it into trash
The market says we'll take the treasure of your heart
We'll melt it down for cash

But we say you are nothing without us
Your selfish heartless greed will bite the dust
When nothing of your careless creed remains
We will live without your chains

The economy says we can't afford to care
The company says your sick bed must be sold
The market says we've got no sympathy to spare
We can't use you when you're old

The economy says bleeding hearts are out of fashion
The company says your conscience is passe
The market says there's no profit in compassion
Your welfare state has had its day


Many thanks to Steve Barnes from Western Australia for permission to add this song to the Union Songs site.

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