Union Songs

Working Overtime

A song by Rick Rowland©Rick Rowland 1997

you start so early sleep in your eyes
you have no choices there's no comprimise
cold water in your face but still your draggin your feet
got to stay late how you ever gonna make ends meet
the bills are coming the fall is imminent
you struggle harder for a few percent
you hear the whistle blowin as you're running in the morning rain
only peace you find is sittin on that subway train
and now they got you workin overtime

they say from birth life is a trial
it don't come easy mile after mile
you find yourself a crawlin deeper in debt
banker man offerin you the best deal yet
everything is heatin up gotta keep the pace
you feel you're losing this human race
you do what you been told try to keep a stiff upper lip
don't matter what they promise boy youre just a workin stiff

the idle mind belongs to satan that's what they say
all that means is better always be on time
don't come down to hardknocks town lookin for a break
they don't tolerate mistakes
until you say you'll tow the line

the weekend comes a big sigh of relief
then monday morning you wake in disbelief
ain't no use complainin boy you're only paying your dues
can't be explained boy when you got the working blues
you know they got millions to burn
and they crush the unions everywhere you turn
and they cut all your bennies cut them down to the bone
joe hill is dead you just go and do your 16 tons
and now they got you working overtime


Many thanks to Rick Rowland for permission to add this song and the MP3 version of it to the Union Songs site.
The CD with this track is about to be released by the band one left whose website is http://www.oneleft.com

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