Union Songs

Bye Bye Awards

A song by Bernard Carney©1996 Bernard Carney

Since the Libs and Nats got in
Unions take it on the chin Bye Bye awards
Johnny Howard have no fear
Will whip the workforce into gear
Bye Bye awards
No more extra rates for working over
Businesses will soon be all in clover
Workers working extra hours
Management with extra powers
Unions Bye Bye

I just can't wait for the day
To argue for my weekly pay bye bye awards
When I feel a rise is due I'll make my bargaining debut
Bye Bye awards
And if I want employment to stay in tact
Better sign the individual contract
Divide and conquer that's the trick
Work conditions get the flick
Unions Bye Bye

Pre-strike ballots sent to undermine me
If I refuse maybe they would fine me
I'm free to choose in this dispute
Choose these rates or get the boot
Unions Bye Bye

So hoist the flag of profits high
Upon the good ship enterprise Bye Bye awards
Democracy defiled deflowered
That's the word from Johnny Howard
Bye Bye awards
The razor gang is sure to make you nervous
Especially if you're in the public service
So just to keep your budget right
You'll be working late tonight
Unions Bye Bye - no way
'Cos unions won't die


Thanks to Bernard Carney for permission to add this song to the Union Songs web site. Visit Bernard's website at http://bernardcarney.com/

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